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Undergraduate Catalog 2017 - 2018 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017 - 2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Department web-page: http://www.csuohio.edu/class/english/english

Chair: Jeff Karem; Professors: Rachel Carnell, Gary R. Dyer, Jennifer M. Jeffers, Jeff Karem, Ted Lardner; Associate Professors: Brooke Conti, Michael Geither, Adrienne Gosselin, James Marino, Imad Rahman, Adam Sonstegard; Assistant Professors: Julie M. Burrell, Caryl Pagel; Lecturers: John Brentar, Melanie Gagich, Hilary Plum, Barbara Walker; Emilie Zickel; Director: William Breeze (First Year Writing Program); Director: Mary Murray McDonald (Writing Center); Director: Caryl Pagel (Poetry Center); Professors Emeriti/Emeritae: Earl R. Anderson, Cynthia Edelberg, John C. Gerlach, Daniel C. Melnick, Glending Olson, David Richardson, Leonard M. Trawick; Associate Professors Emeriti: Louis R. Barbato, James A. Barthelmess, P. Jeffrey Ford, David Larson, Phillips Salman, Arnold G. Tew.

The First-Year Writing Program

College Writing I and II (ENG 101 and 102) (or an approved equivalent writing course) are university-degree requirements, designed to concentrate on composition skills that are essential for success in many college courses and most professions. These courses lay the foundation for the university's Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) course requirements. Students should, therefore, enroll in ENG 101 as soon as possible in their college careers. Students taking First-Year Writing courses at Cleveland State must earn a C or better in both ENG 101 and 102 (or its equivalent) in order to graduate.

Placement Testing: Before enrolling in ENG 101, all students, including transfer students who have not taken Freshman English, must complete the placement process. Placement is done through ACT/SAT scores or written exam. Students who are not ready for ENG 101 may be placed in ENG 099 or 100.

Placement for international students or students without ACT/SAT scores: International students should take the English Placement Exam. If they do not place into ENG 101, they should register for ESL 096, which will prepare them for the First-Year Writing series.

The ENG 101 in the Writing and Composition General Education requirement is waived for students who place into ENG 102 through CSU's written placement exam (not ACT/SAT scores). Students who place into ENG 102 as a result of their written exam will get an updated Degree Audit report that waives ENG 101. This is an automated process.

ENG 101-102 as Matriculation Requirements: All students, in order to graduate from Cleveland State University, must complete the First-Year Writing requirement within the first 30 hours of academic work at the university by passing ENG 101 and ENG 102 (or equivalent course) with grades of C or better. Students who have not completed ENG 102 (or equivalent course) within their first 30 hours may not register for any further courses without registering for the appropriate writing course.

Contact information for First-Year Writing: William Breeze, 216-523-7145.


The CSU/Cleveland-Marshall College of Law 3+3 program permits a student who has completed three years of undergraduate study to be admitted to the College of Law to begin J.D. studies. The undergraduate degree will be awarded upon successful completion of the first full year of the J.D. curriculum, thus permitting the student to graduate with both an undergraduate and law degrees in six rather than seven years of full-time study (or its equivalent). In effect, the first year of law school completes the fourth year of the undergraduate degree (serving, in effect, as undergraduate elective courses) and serves as the first year of law school. This arrangement saves both time and money for the student.



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