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Graduate Catalog 2013 - 2014 
Graduate Catalog 2013 - 2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics Specialist, P-6 (with endorsement), M.Ed.

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P-6 Mathematics Specialist Endorsement

Master of Education  degree and Endorsement – 33-34 credits
Endorsement Only – 19-20 credits

The P-6 Mathematics Specialist Endorsement Program is designed to provide licensed teachers with the opportunity to improve their conceptual understanding of a range of mathematics content (i.e. number, measurement, geometry, probability and data analysis, algebra and calculus). In addition, the program intends to consider and evaluate the philosophy, principles, practices and problems encountered in P-6 grade mathematics instruction.

In line with the College of Education and Human Services’ model, practicing teachers will engage in mathematical inquiry through activities including problem-solving, reasoning, communication, connection and representation during all of the mathematics-related courses. Students will be actively engaged in implementing inquiry teaching principles and engaging in self reflection on learning to assess, intervene and lead new teachers and low-achieving students in mathematics during the field-based and research courses.

The P-6 Mathematics Specialist Endorsement is a graduate level program where students can earn both a master’s degree and an endorsement or the endorsement only. Standard admission requirements apply to the program. Individuals seeking endorsement as a PreK-6 mathematics specialist must hold an Ohio two-year provisional or five-year professional teaching license in Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Childhood, or Special Education.

For Middle Childhood licensed teachers, prerequisite mathematics courses or equivalents from an accredited institution are:

  • MTH 326/MTH 526 : Numbers/Patterns/Operations for Middle School Teachers
  • MTH 327/MTH 527 : Algebra/Functions for Middle School Teachers
  • MTH 328/MTH 528 : Geometry for Middle School Teachers
  • MTH 329/MTH 529 : Data Analysis/Probability for Middle School Teachers

For Early Childhood, Elementary and Special Education teachers, the prerequisite courses or equivalents from an accredited institution are MTH 127, MTH 128, MTH 129 and one course from the above list.

To ensure adequate content knowledge across all grades covered by this PreK-6 endorsement, students will be advised to complete either ECE 515  or EDM 515  depending on methods courses previously completed.

Specifically, ECE 515  is required for those licensed in Middle Childhood and EDM 515  is required for those licensed in Early Childhood, Elementary or Special Education.

Program of Study College Core

(14 credits, not required for Endorsement Only) 

Curriculum Evaluation/Supervision/ Teacher Leadership

Areas of Specialization

(15 or 16 credits, required for master’s degree and endorsement)
Prerequisites Mathematics courses are listed above 

Exit Requirement

Select one of three options: Comprehensive examination, project or thesis.

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