Dec 11, 2018  
Undergraduate Catalog 2017 - 2018 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017 - 2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Women's and Gender Studies Minor

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Women's and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program offered jointly by 18 departments and three colleges. Students majoring in any field may choose to minor in Women's and Gender Studies or to take Women's and Gender Studies courses. A minor in Women's and Gender Studies helps women and men prepare for the sequence of careers that will be the hallmark of personal success in the 21st century. A background in Women's and Gender Studies provides academic credentials and transferrable skills including critical thinking, writing, speaking and research skills through the methodologies and subject matters of multiple academic disciplines that study women's abilities, history, values and interests.

Women's and Gender Studies helps students understand reasons for social changes in women's roles. It provides informative perspectives on career options. It prepares students for graduate work in Women's and Gender Studies and other disciplines. Women's and Gender Studies educates students to become effective agents for change in the community and work place. Thus, Women's and Gender Studies enhances career preparation and provides a more accurate and balanced view of the society in which the student will serve.

Students electing this minor should inform the Women's and Gender Studies Director, who will serve as adviser in cooperation with the Women's and Gender Studies faculty.

Required Courses

The Women's and Gender Studies minor requires a minimum of 15 credit hours in courses designated as Women's and Gender Studies, including WST 151  and WST 495 , 3 credits in WST Humanities, 3 credits in WST Social Sciences, of which 9 credit hours must be at the 300- to 400-level.

1. Courses must be selected from at least three different departments

2. Courses must include at least one course from the Humanities


WST 151  and WST 495  are required for the minor in Women's and Gender Studies.

Up to 3 credit hours of independent study, WST 496 , involving investigation of a topic relevant to Women's and Gender Studies, will be accepted toward the required credits. Students who wish to take an independent study course should contact the Director of the Women's and Gender Studies Program who must pre-approve the prospectus for independent study.

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