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Undergraduate Catalog 2013 - 2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013 - 2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Middle Eastern Studies Minor

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The Middle Eastern Studies minor provides a broadly based program that focuses on important Middle Eastern topics in several departments. The United States has a long-term need for a critical mass of professionals in Middle Eastern languages, history, politics and culture, who understand the Middle East, to serve the nation's international relations, diplomatic, homeland security, military and economic needs. No other university in Northeast Ohio has such a program.

This baccalaureate minor provides courses that students can apply toward both the minor and several different majors (Classical and Medieval Studies, English, History, International Relations, Political Science, and Religious Studies). Students interested in the Minor in Middle Eastern Studies should contact the Program Director, Stephen Cory, by emai at, by telephone at 216-687-6883, or visit Rhodes Tower 1327.

Required Courses:

A student seeking a Middle Eastern Studies minor will need to complete one core course (4 credit hours) and demonstrate an intermediate-level skill of an identified and regionally appropriate foreign language. A maximum of 8 credit hours of the minor may come from language instruction. The student will also need to complete a minimum of two courses (8 credit hours) from the list of electives below. The student must complete a minimum of 20 credit hours to complete the minor in Middle Eastern Studies. New courses will be added to the elective offerings.

Credit Hours: A minor in Middle Eastern Studies consists of a minimum of 20 credits, of which eight must be at the 300-level or above. The required core and elective courses are distributed as follows:

1. Core Requirements:

Minors in Middle Eastern Studies must complete one core course and demonstrate intermediate foreign-language skills.

Language requirement:

A student must demonstrate an intermediate-level language skill in a single programmatically appropriate language, including Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish or Persian. A maximum of 8 credit hours of language instruction may count toward the minor.

2. Electives:

A student seeking a minor in Middle Eastern Studies must select a minimum of two elective courses from more than one discipline (Modern Languages, Art, History, Political Science, or Religious Studies) identified below:

Study Abroad:

  •  Students may receive credit toward the minor by engaging in a study-abroad program.

New elective courses

New elective courses may be added. Students should contact an adviser in one of the participating departments.


*Special Topics courses in any of the disciplines will be considered as meeting the Middle Eastern Studies minor requirements if content is applicable and approved by the program director.

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