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Graduate Catalog 2014 - 2015 
Graduate Catalog 2014 - 2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Career Services

Career Services Center

The Career Services Center, located on the second floor of Rhodes Tower West, provides graduate students and alumni with a full range of services in the career development process, including the programs listed below. For more information, visit the Career Services Web site at www.csuohio.edu/career/.

Career Preparation Workshops for Graduate Students

Career workshops are specifically designed for graduate students. The workshops provide career insight, job readiness, and fulfill the requirements for participation in the Cooperative Education Program. A schedule of workshops is available in the Career Services Center.

The Career Resources Library

The Career Resources Library contains reference materials that include industry and corporate directories; information and literature on local, national, and international companies; a videotape collection on career and professional development; a collection of publications concerning career assistance; and computer access to career and employer data. The library also contains a reference section featuring recently posted job notices and internships.

Job Location and Development

Job Location and Development is a federally funded program designed to help all Cleveland State students find part-time and seasonal work while still in school. A Career Services Coordinator can assist students in locating these opportunities.

Career Counseling

One-to-one career exploration and career development counseling is available to all graduate students at Cleveland State. Career Coordinators are assigned to specific majors, for which they have developed competencies. Students should call the Career Services Center to make appointments with Career Coordinators who specialize in their majors.

Cooperative Education


Graduate students may elect to participate in the Cooperative Education Program. Students in the Co-op Program can choose either part-time semesters or full-time alternate semesters of paid, career-related employment that allows them to apply academic theory to on-the-job problems. In addition to enabling students to gain practical, career-related experience in a field, the co-op experience can assist in financing graduate studies. Students interested in this program should contact the Career Services Center, located on the second floor of Rhodes Tower (West Wing); telephone (216) 687-2233.

Campus Employment

Excellent opportunities exist for part-time student employment on campus. Students employed on campus can develop valuable skills and have the convenience of working flexible hours. Both federal work-study and non-workstudy positions are available. Jobs are posted at http://www.csuohio.edu/offices/career/students/employment.html.

Student Activities

The Department of Student Life


The Department of Student Life is committed to supporting and enhancing the University’s educational mission. We seek to create and sustain a learning environment that: supports a community in which students are involved and have a sense of belonging; provides support for students in need; encourages students to become leaders; offers a wide range of exciting social opportunities; and fosters respect for the dignity and worth of all persons. In short, we seek to challenge and support our students to become responsible, engaged citizens of the campus community, Greater Cleveland, and global society. A highly trained staff of professionals is available to support students from their first day on campus to the completion of their academic goals. Services include leadership training and service experiences, support of recognized university student organizations, fraternities and sororities, student media organizations, judicial affairs, student activities, and many other programs and services that support the successful matriculation of all students. Visit us in Main Classroom 106, call (216) 687-2048, e-mail at studentlife@csuohio.edu, or online at http://mycsu.csuohio.edu/studentlife.

Student Activities


The entire campus community, including students, faculty and staff, is provided with an array of campuswide programs to attend throughout the year. These activities, sponsored by Student Activities, the Campus Activities Board, and other sponsoring groups throughout campus, include social events, lectures, dances, holiday celebrations, and food and music activities. Events include Welcome to CSU Week, Springfest, Chilifest, Dinner and Dialogue, and many more. If you are interested in volunteering to help plan these events, or if you want more information about attending them, contact the Student Activities staff at (216) 687-2048 or e-mail at activities@csuohio.edu. Most events are free and open to the entire campus.

The City is Our Campus Ticket Program


The city is your campus. So, take advantage of it and have some fun. Through developing partnerships with a variety of organizations, the Department of Student Life offers opportunities for CSU students to experience all that Cleveland has to offer – often at a discounted (sometimes free) price. To get the latest information about The City is Our Campus Ticket Program, visit the bulletin board located in the Main Classroom Plaza, sign-up to receive e-mail updates by e-mailing activities@csuohio.edu, or visit the Web site at http://www.csuohio.edu/studentlife/tickets/index.html.

Campus Activities Board


The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a student organization whose primary function is to plan and facilitate cultural, social, recreational, and educational events. CAB is responsive to student interests, with a primary goal of fostering campus community and unity. CAB offers leadership opportunities in event planning, promotions, budget management, and team development. CAB features five student officer positions (Director, Assistant Director, Budget Manager, Events Coordinator, and Marketing) and a variety of intern volunteer and committee opportunities for those interested in campus event planning.

CABSquad is the events and marketing committee for the Cleveland State Campus Activities Board. Joining CABsquad is a great way to meet new people and to become connected with the CSU campus. Through CABsquad, members gain experience in recruiting, planning, organizing and promoting events. To join CABsquad visit Main Classroom, Room 122 or call 216.687.2244.

Center for Student Involvement


Includes Student Organizations, Fraternities and Sororities, Student Media organizations, as well as Student Government Association and the Student Bar Association.

Student Organizations

More than 150 student organizations are recognized by Cleveland State University. They provide students with opportunities for co-curricular involvement, leadership development and social networking. Organizations invite students to participate in academic, professional, recreational, service and social activities hosted on campus for their benefit. Organizations are open to all students, and the Department of Student Life will assist in establishing new organizations. Other exciting developmental opportunities for involvement are available through our Student Leadership Scholarship program, which provides scholarship funds for various leadership positions in some of our General Fee organizations (i.e. Student Government Association, Student Bar Association, Student Media Publications [Cauldron, Vindicator, WCSB 89.3] to name a few). Stop by the Student Organization Involvement Fairs, scheduled for both Fall and Spring semesters. Pick up a Student Organization Directory in the Department of Student Life.

Fraternities & Sororities


Cleveland State is home to eight nationally recognized fraternities and seven sororities as well as local fraternities and sororities. These Greek-letter organizations are advised by faculty and chapter advisers. The Coordinator of Greek Affairs also provides assistance with Fall recruitment for the sororities, Greek Week, Greek Fest, Greek Council, Greek Alumni Council and Homecoming activities in which the members participate. Greek-letter organizations provide opportunities for sisterhood/brotherhood, philanthropic events, social activities, scholarship and leadership. Joining a Greek-letter organization provides you, the student, with a wide  array of transferable skills useful in your life and future career.

Student Media

Student publications provide students with excellent opportunities for experience in writing and editing a literary magazine or newspaper. These publications are financed in part by general fees and are edited by students who are selected by the publication staff members. Publications include:

The Cauldron, a weekly newspaper offering news, sports, culture, and opinions that impact CSU students and the surrounding community. Students are needed as writers, editors, photographers, advertising reps, and more (687-2270), www.csucauldron.com.

The Vindicator, a monthly multicultural magazine presenting in-depth articles, news and opinions about our diverse campus and Cleveland community. Students are needed as writers, editors, photographers, advertising reps, and more (687-2118)

Whiskey Island Magazine, a literary publication featuring poetry, prose, graphic arts, and photography. Students are needed as editors and readers (687-2056). http://www.csuohio.edu/class/english/whiskeyisland/

The Gavel, Cleveland-Marshall’s award-winning newspaper covering the issues that affect law students at CSU. For more information, contact The Gavel at (216) 687-4533. The Gavel is located in the Law Building, room 13.

WCSB Radio Station, In addition to the publications, CSU also boasts WCSB 89.3 FM, the student-run radio station. For over 30 years, WCSB has offered the Cleveland community a wide variety of alternative music programming, ranging from indie rock to classical, reggae to fusion and anything else not found on commercial radio. In addition to music, WCSB airs a variety of public affairs shows offering insight into the issues of the day. Students interested in alternative programming are encouraged to apply, (687-3523) www.wcsb.org.

Student Government Association


The Cleveland State University Student Government provides an open forum for students to formulate their beliefs and voice their concerns to the University Board of Trustees, administration and faculty. SGA also offers funding to CSU student organizations, selects students to serve on university committees, and runs the Print Shop (copy center) located in Main Classroom #123 and #124. Student Government exists as two branches: the executive and the legislative branches. The Senate (legislative branch) is composed of more than 25 elected student delegates, each enrolled in eight or more credit hours, who represent each class and each college at Cleveland State. The Executive Branch consists of the president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. Elections are held in the spring term. Student  Government offices are located in Main Classroom #123 . Phone (216) 687-2262.

Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association (https://www.law.csuohio.edu/currentstudents/sba) represents and advocates the interests of the student body in matters pertaining to the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law by allocating funds to duly recognized student organizations of the College of Law and coordinating and promoting programs and activities for students of the College of Law. SBA consists of a Senate of five executive officers and Student Senators from each of the law divisions. Student Bar organizes activities such as the annual Barrister’s Ball, fundraisers such as the T-shirt Sale and Book Sale, and various educational and social opportunities for the law student body. Elections are held annually at the end of the spring semester. The Student Bar Association is located in the Law Building at 216-687-2339.

List of Recognized Student Organizations

An up-to-date Student Organization Directory of recognized student organizations is available in the Department of Student Life (MC 106), online at  http://csuohio.orgsync.com/home, and in the Viking Planner. To contact our student organizations, you are welcome to use their student organization mailboxes located in the Department of Student Life or you may contact the organization via email or phone. Contact information is available within the Student Organization Directory, online or within your Viking Planner.

Center for Leadership & Service

Students get involved with Student Leadership & Service for many reasons. They want to develop career-oriented skills; contribute to improving the Cleveland community through service projects; broaden their awareness of social and global issues and contribute to workable solutions; develop the practice of good citizenship; reflect on experiences for personal growth and build understanding and respect for other perspectives. The Student Leadership Academy/ Leadership Development Seminar is a great way to begin the exploration of leadership and service over the course of several Saturdays throughout the semester. Major leadership and service events are offered each semester as well as a wide variety of leadership workshops and service opportunities. The center offers free leadership self-assessments, helps match students to community service opportunities, and works with students one on one to help them develop personalized development plans. Advanced leadership opportunities are also available. More information can be found online or by emailing leadership@csuohio.edu. Get connected to service right here in the Cleveland area by utilizing our service agency online matching service available at http://www.csuohio.edu/studentlife/service/index.html, e-mail service@csuohio.edu, or call (216) 687-2048.

Judicial Affairs


The Judicial Affairs Office helps to support a safe environment for the entire campus community, through the Board of Trustee-approved policies called the Student Conduct Code. The Student Conduct Code thoroughly explains the due process procedures for incidents that violate University policies. A copy of the Code is available in the Department of Student Life, located in Main Classroom, Room 106.

Mareyjoyce Green Women’s Center

Cleveland State University’s Mareyjoyce Green Women’s Center (http://www.csuohio.edu/studentlife/womenscenter///), located in Main Classroom, Room 142, enriches campus life through a series of lectures and cultural events pertinent to women. Each semester, the Re-Entry Women’s Project offers a series of orientation sessions for students interested in returning to complete educational goals that have been delayed or deferred, as well as a range of other services for women.

The Women’s Center administers an undergraduate interdisciplinary major and a minor in Women’s Studies, as well as offering a course on Women in Corporate America in  conjunction with the Cleveland business community. A list of Women’s Studies courses that can be taken for graduate credit is available from the WCP Office.

Study Abroad Programs

Cleveland State University offers a number of international educational activities for Cleveland State students through the Center for International Services and Programs (CISP). CISP is located in the Main Classroom, Room 116; telephone (216) 687-3910; e-mail: studyabroad@csuohio.edu.

Study abroad activities include the following:

CSU Sponsored Short-Term Programs

Throughout the year, CISP facilitates study abroad opportunities offered by several Cleveland State academic departments in different areas of the world. Programs include study in India (Social Work); Costa Rica, France, Spain, and Mexico (Modern Languages); China (Political Science); England and Paris (Marketing); and Germany (Computer and Information Sciences). Interested students should contact the relevant department or CISP’s study abroad staff for more information.

Non-CSU Programs

CISP provides two study abroad resource areas on campus featuring current study abroad program materials. The first is located in their main office on the 11th floor of the Keith Building. The second site is inside the university library entrance.

After perusing the materials and reading about study abroad on the CISP website, students should make an appointment with the CISP study abroad staff to discuss their plans and learn about requirements for the transfer of credit, financial aid, and registration. Because study abroad credit will be transferred into a student’s CSU   academic record, all courses must be approved by an academic adviser.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Students can apply through CISP for study abroad scholarships. Awards range from $200 to $1,000. The Office of Diversity and Multi-Cultural Affairs also offers study abroad scholarships of up to $500.

Annual competitions are held for Fulbright Grants and NSEP Fellowships. These fellowships facilitate research and study abroad in a variety of fields and countries. Planning should begin at least six months before the campus application deadline. Information on this and other scholarship competitions is available on the CISP Web site at www.csuohio.edu/internat/studyabroad.html. Students should contact the Cleveland State study abroad manager for campus deadlines and advising.

Alumni Association

The Cleveland State University Alumni Association and Department of Alumni Affairs supports the mission and vision of the University by facilitating opportunities that connect its students, graduates, and the community through networking, volunteer, and outreach activities. As a student, you may be wondering what the Alumni Association has to do with you if you haven’t even graduated yet. The answer is plenty. Campus involvement is one of the best ways to become a part of CSU and ensure that you truly have an engaged learning experience. The student-alumni organization, Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT), can help you build deep connections with fellow Vikings that will last a lifetime. STAT is dedicated to enhancing the personal, academic and professional development of its members by forging relationships between CSU students and alumni. Its goal is to enhance the student experience by engaging students in opportunities that strengthen their lifelong loyalty to Cleveland State University. So join STAT today and become a part of the tradition that is CSU. Why? Because you are a student today, an alumni tomorrow, and a Viking for Life!

For more information on the Alumni Association or STAT, call the Department of Alumni Affairs at (216) 687-2078, e-mail csu.stat@csuohio.edu, or visit  www.csuohio.edu/alumni/stat.