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Undergraduate Catalog 2011 - 2012 
Undergraduate Catalog 2011 - 2012 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs


Web site: http://urban.csuohio.edu

The Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs prepares students to effectively address urban issues with creative and innovative programming and problem solving. Levin College students undertake projects that address these issues in

  • Public policy
  • City planning
  • Public safety management and homeland security
  • Economic development
  • Environmental and sustainability policy
  • Organizational leadership
  • Nonprofit administration

Research undertaken through the college directly links the university with the organizations addressing challenges in the Cleveland metropolitan area and across the state and nation.


The college offers:

  • the Bachelor of Arts degree in:
    • Environmental Studies
    • Nonprofit Administration
    • Public Safety Management
    • Urban Studies
    • Organizational Leadership
  • Minors in:
    • Environmental Studies
    • Sustainable Urban Development
    • Nonprofit Administration
    • Urban Studies
  • Certificate programs in:
    • Public Management
    • Urban Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on the undergraduate and graduate levels
    • Sustainable Urban Development
  • Five-year bachelor’s to master’s degree programs:
    • BA/MPA, Public Administration
    • BA/MA, Environmental Studies
    • BA/MNAL, Nonprofit Administration and Leadership
  • The college also offers the following programs in conjunction with the College of Graduate Studies:
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Urban Studies and Public Affairs
    • Master of Public Administration
    • Master of Urban Planning, Design, and Development
    • Master of Nonprofit Administration and Leadership
    • Master of Science in Urban Studies
    • Master of Arts in Environmental Studies

In conjunction with the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, the college offers dual degree programs leading to the:

  • JD/MPA
  • JD/MA (Environmental Studies)

The Levin College of Urban Affairs has Partnerships, articulation agreements, and degree completion programs with Cuyahoga Community College, Lakeland Community College, and Lorain County Community College. These programs include law enforcement, corrections, security administration, police and fire science, nursing, human services, environmental health and safety, and paralegal studies programs.

Credit for life experience is available to students whose prior learning meets the criteria established by the faculty for academic credit toward the bachelor’s degree.

Financial Assistance

The Levin College of Urban Affairs offers a number of scholarships to undergraduate students. Students interested in scholarships should contact the Levin College for application materials. (Also see the section on Expenses and Financial Aid at the beginning of this catalog.)

Office of Student Services

The Levin College’s Office of Student Services (OSS) is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of students. OSS staff provides registration assistance and academic advising and coordinates internships, graduate assistantships, and scholarship awards. Career-development aids, such as mentoring, resume review, and job referrals, are available to current students and alumni. Additional information about the OSS is available on the Levin College Web site. In addition, students can access www.csucareerline.com to search for jobs and internships, post their resumes, research employers, and arrange to have job openings emailed to them.

The Levin College’s website address is http://urban.csuohio.edu.

Department of Urban Studies

Urban Affairs graduates are employed in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. They are engaged in city planning, program development, community organizing, public safety and homeland security, nonprofit administration, environmental and sustainability policy, and economic development. Many graduates have found the urban affairs majors to be a strong foundation for advanced study in law, urban planning, public administration, or environmental policy and management. 


Undergraduate students may pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in one of five majors:

  • Environmental Studies
  • Nonprofit Administration
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Public Safety Management
  • Urban Studies

The College offers three five-year Bachelor’s to Master’s programs:

  • BA/MPA (Public Administration)
  • BA/MA in Environmental Studies
  • BA/MNAL (Nonprofit Administration and Leadership)


Students in any discipline may elect to pursue a minor in:

  • Environmental Studies
  • Sustainable Urban Development
  • Nonprofit Administration
  • Urban Studies


  • Public Management
  • Sustainable Urban Development
  • Urban Geographic Information Systems

Degree Completion Programs

Graduates of community colleges with degrees in law enforcement, fire science, paralegal studies, public administration, nursing, environmental health and safety, and human services may complete their Bachelor of Arts degree through articulation agreements between their college and the Levin College.

  • Articulation Agreements


Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts degree is awarded to students who fulfill the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 128 credit hours of academic work, of which 36 credit hours must be upper-division (300-and 400-level) courses
  • Achievement of a grade-point average of 2.00 or better
  • Completion of the foreign language requirement, if applicable. (Students who graduated from high school in 1987 or later and who did not complete two years of the same foreign language in high school must remove the foreign language deficiency by completing a first-year language sequence or two semesters of American Sign Language plus one approved foreign culture course.)
  • Completion of ASC 101 - Introduction to University Life  (freshmen only)
  • Completion of university, college, and major-field requirements

College Requirements

Students in all Urban Affairs degree programs must complete the following college requirements