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Undergraduate Catalog 2016 - 2017 
Undergraduate Catalog 2016 - 2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Honors College

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Honors College


Web-page: http://www.csuohio.edu/honors/

The Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Honors College at Cleveland State University houses both the University Honors Program as well as the University Scholars Program.

University Honors Program

The Cleveland State University Honors Program offers a challenging program designed to meet the needs of academically talented students interested in attending an urban university. Students enjoy the benefits of being in a large, diverse, comprehensive university located in a dynamic urban center, while at the same time receiving the personalized attention, small class sizes, and opportunities for undergraduate research and creativity typical of smaller schools. Students graduating with Honors from CSU typically move on to graduate study and professional careers. Admitted students who stay in good academic standing receive scholarship support.

Who May Apply

First-year students

For first-year students, the application criteria are:

  • 30 ACT composite score (or equivalent SAT score) OR top 10 percent of high school class ranking
  • Admission to Cleveland State University
  • Submission of a written essay
  • Submission of two reference letters

Students are expected to complete a college preparatory curriculum in high school. High schools vary in the advanced courses they offer. Honors applicants are expected to complete the most rigorous curriculum available at their high school. Applicants who participate in the College Credit Plus Program are expected to have completed the standard high-school college preparatory curriculum in addition to their college work.

Preferred applicants will have four years of high school English; four years of high school mathematics including pre-calculus and in some cases calculus; at least three years of natural science, usually biology, physics and chemistry; at least three years of social science courses; three or more years of a foreign language; and additional classes in the visual or performing arts.

A very small number of international students are admitted to the program each year. Successful applicants are exceptionally well-qualified.

The application for the Honors Program may be downloaded from the Honors website at www.csuohio.edu/honors/.

Current College Sophomores

Students applying to the Honors Program for admission beginning in their junior year must meet the following application criteria:

  • 3.5 GPA or higher on college courses
  • Admission to Cleveland State University
  • Junior-level standing by fall of entry into program (the student should be on track to graduate in two years after entering the Honors Program)
  • Submission of a written essay
  • Submission of three letters of recommendation

College transcripts will reflect a rigorous course of study both in the student’s preferred major and in his or her choices for general education and elective courses. Students should have made good progress toward completion of general-education course requirements and lower-division prerequisites for courses in their major.

The application for the Honors Program may be downloaded from the Honors website at www.csuohio.edu/honors/.

Application Deadlines

Applicants entering as first-year students are required to apply by January 15. Current college sophomores must apply by February 28.


Universal Honors Experience: Students entering the Honors Program as lower-division students are required to complete a total of EIGHT Universal Honors Experience courses. Those entering as upper-division students must complete FOUR such courses. A range of Universal Honors Experience courses is offered each semester. These are designed to bring together students in the program and engage them in a variety of academic and recreational activities as a group.

Lower-Division Program: All Honors students who begin as entering first-year students will be required to take at least FOUR general education Honors courses (minimum of 12 credit hours). Students are strongly advised to complete these in their first two years at CSU. Honors general education courses are restricted to Honors and University Scholars students, are taught in small sections by outstanding members of the faculty, and are designed to give students a more challenging experience than a standard, introductory-level general education course. Some are augmented versions of conventional general education offerings; others are specially designed courses not offered outside the Honors Program at CSU.

Upper-Division Program: The Honors experience for upper-division Honors students is tailored to the requirements of each student’s chosen major(s) and specific goals. Junior and senior Honors students’ courses are selected through consultation with faculty members in their major(s). Students develop an Honors Academic Plan Contract, which must be approved by their Honors Advisor and the Dean of the Honors College. Upper-division Honors students have the opportunity to do additional honors work under faculty supervision in established courses; enroll in graduate courses; participate in a faculty member’s research project or laboratory; complete an independent research project or a service learning project; and/or engage in an internship, co-op experience, or job. In some departments, students will also be encouraged to attend professional meetings.

Consult our website for the most current information: www.csuohio.edu/honors/.

Contact Information:
Dr. Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt, Dean
Cleveland State University Honors Program, MC 106
2121 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115-9897
Telephone: 216-687-5559

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University Scholars Program

The University Scholars Program exists to provide additional scholastic opportunity to very talented students. Students who may want to participate in the Scholars Program include traditional students who took honors courses in high school, or students with high grade point averages or standardized exam scores. The University Scholars Program recognizes and rewards high-performing students. Upon successful completion of a rigorous Scholars curriculum, this academic distinction is listed on the student’s transcript and diploma. Scholars must meet several benchmarks to stay in the program. As a Scholar, a student has the opportunity to take more challenging courses, work directly with professors on scholarship-related projects, and enroll in special sections of designated courses. Opportunities for internship experiences will also be available for Scholars with certain majors.

Who May Apply

Students meeting one of the following application criteria should apply to the University Scholars Program:

  • 27 or higher ACT composite score (or SAT equivalent) OR top 15% high school class ranking

Transfer students may also apply to the program if they have fewer than 90 credit hours and can demonstrate that they can complete the upper-division requirements for their major. A minimum cumulative 3.25 GPA from previous college-level work is required.

Scholarship Opportunities

While acceptance into the Scholars Program does not include scholarship support, many students in the program are awarded merit-based financial aid. Interested students should apply early each calendar year through the Office of Financial Aid. University Scholars advisors can also provide information about possible financial aid opportunities.

Lower-Division Program

The lower-division portion of the Scholars Program must be completed before earning 60 credit hours at Cleveland State University. Students are expected to take two Honors-designated general education courses. Incoming lower-division students must enroll in a special Scholars section of ASC 101 - Introduction to University Life. University Scholars students are expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25.

Upper Division Program

The upper-division portion of the Scholars Program is completed after the student has completed 60 credit hours of university coursework. The upper-division requirements vary by major; students can contact the Scholars advisor or their faculty advisor for details on the specific upper division requirements. Students are expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25.

Consult our website for the most current information: http://www.csuohio.edu/honors/academics/scholars-program-requirements

Contact Information:
Dr. Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt, Dean
Cleveland State University Honors Program, MC 106
2121 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115-9897
Telephone: 216-687-5559