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Undergraduate Catalog 2014 - 2015 
Undergraduate Catalog 2014 - 2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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GER 340 - Field Study

[1-6 credit(s)]
Prerequisites: GER 301 and sophomore standing or permission of instructor; The amount of language preparation necessary to participate in any given field experience to be determined by the department and instructor; specially arranged field experience abroad providing intensive exposure to students’ target countries and languages. May be preceded by a special preparatory course, such as supervised individual or group work-study experience in the target country followed by a period of travel; or supervised two- to six-week group travel for students interested in a language- or culture-oriented project in the target country. See course schedule. A field study trip to German-speaking countries will be offered periodically. Program and course content may vary. For example, Summer Campus: Berlin takes place in alternate even-numbered years, and consists of two weeks of intensive preparation at Cleveland State University, four weeks in Berlin (including travel and stays in Germany), and one or two weeks of free travel. Studies concentrate on culture, civilization, and language; includes classes in music and/or political science. The program may also be taken on the graduate level. For further information, contact the Department of Modern Languages. May be repeated for credit.

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