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Undergraduate Catalog 2014 - 2015 
Undergraduate Catalog 2014 - 2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Department web-page: http://www.csuohio.edu/sciences/dept/physics/index.html

Professors: Boaz Kahana, Kathleen M. McNamara(Chairperson), Amir Poreh, Richard F. Rakos; Associate Professors: Chieh-Chen Bowen, Michael Horvath, Katherine S. Judge, Conor T. McLennan, Colleen McMahon, Andrew B. Slifkin, Albert F. Smith; Assistant Professors: Eric S. Allard, Lisa S. Doane, Kenneth E. Vail III, Ilya Yaroslavsky; Visiting Assistant Professor:  Brian L. Woodside; Emeritus Faculty: Stephen R. Coleman, David M. Grilly, Constance L. Hollinger, Stephen D. Slane; College Associate Lecturer: Christopher France; Lecturer: Paul A. Frato; Adjunct Faculty: Sherry Ball, Michael Wisniewski.

Honors Program in Psychology

The departmental Honors Program is particularly appropriate for Psychology majors with strong academic records who want additional exposure to the research process. Graduation with honors in Psychology reflects a student’s independence, commitment to the field, and expertise in a specialized area. Completion of the program may be advantageous to students applying to graduate or professional programs.

A minimum GPA of 3.3 is required for admission. Prerequisite courses include PSY 312  and PSY 317  , but in special cases, these may be taken after admission to the program.

Participants in the program register for PSY 495H - Honors Seminar  in the spring semester, during which they develop proposals for either (a) the research that they conduct under faculty supervision during the following year while registered for PSY 497H - Honors Project  and/or PSY 498H - Honors Project and Defense , or (b) additional advanced coursework through which they earn the total of 6 credits from graduate-level courses during the following year.

To complete the Honors program curriculum, students follow one of two tracks:

  1. Thesis Option. Students following this track complete PSY 495H, PSY 497H, and PSY 498H.  Students in this track do not need to complete the PSY 412/PSY 415 Capstone requirement, as PSY 498H will function as their Capstone course.
  2. Non-Thesis Option. Students following this track compelte PSY 495H, followed by 6 credits of graduate-level courses.  Students in this track, like all psychology majors, will be required to complete either PSY 412 or PSY 415 in order to satisfy their Capstone requirement.

Applications are solicited in the fall semester; instructions may be obtained in the Psychology Department office (CB 158).







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