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Undergraduate Catalog 2011 - 2012 
Undergraduate Catalog 2011 - 2012 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences (BGES)

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Biological Sciences

Professors: R. Jeffrey Dean (Chair), F. Paul Doerder, Michael A. Gates, Donald G. Lindmark, Tobili Y. Sam-Yellowe, Mary Jane Saunders, Harry van Keulen; Professors Emeriti: Peter C. Baker, Lorry J. Brenner, Ronald L. Clise; Associate Professors: A. Ralph Gibson, Michael Kalafatis, Anton A. Komar, Robert A. Krebs, Barbara K. Modney, Tony Sahley, B. Michael Walton, Crystal M. Weyman, Julie A. Wolin; Associate Professors Emeriti: Richard C. Dickerman, Randall J. Gee, Madeline M. Hall, Sally Lewis, Jerome B. Senturia, James M. Willard; Assistant Professors: G. Valentin Börner, Roman Kondratov, Bibo Li, Barsanjit Mazumder, Girish Shukla, Jacqueline Vitali; Adjunct Faculty: Alexandru Almasan, William Baldwin, Cornelia Bergmann, Kathleen L. Berkner, Martha K. Cathcart, Clemencia Colmenares, Paul E. DiCorleto, Paul L. Fox, Karen Gerken, Yohannes Haile-Selassie, Joe Hannibal, Jaharul Haque, Corinne Hartwell, Stanley Hazen, Philip Howe, Donald W. Jacobsen, Trine Joergensen, Jeffrey Johansen, Andrew Jones, Sadashiva Karnik, Joe B. Keiper, Andrea Ladd, Cathi Lehn, Xiaoxia Li, Thomas McIntyre, Ronald J. Midura, Christine S. Moravec, Laura Nagy, Daniel R. Petit, Jun Qin, Hugh R. Quinn, Miguel E. Quinones-Mateu, Ofer Reizes, Terry Robinson, Neal S. Rote, Michael J. Ryan, Robert H. Silverman, Roy L. Silverstein, Jonathan D. Smith, George Stark, Dennis J. Stuehr, Vincent Tuohy, Riqiang Yan.

Honors Program

Biology majors with junior or senior standing, who have grade-point averages of at least 3.00 overall and at least 3.20 in courses required for the Biology major, are encouraged to apply for admission to the Honors Program. The Honors Program requires a minimum of 8 credit hours of honors research and seminar, and a successful oral defense of the written thesis. Honors Program course credits count as Biology Elective credits.

Honors students will undertake three or four credits of research (BIO 490 ) in a supervising faculty member’s laboratory on a project approved by the faculty member and by the Honors Program Committee. A written report on the research project must be defended before a three-person faculty review committee (BIO 491 ). Honors Seminar (BIO 492 ) must be taken twice, and an oral report on the project must be given as a research seminar when the student takes BIO 492  for the second time. Honors students do not take BIO 495 . To remain in the program the student must sustain the grade-point averages required for admission to the program, as well as the approval of the faculty member supervising the student’s honors research.

Upon successful completion of the honors program, the student will receive a certificate from the department, and a recommendation to the university for graduation with honors in Biology. For further information, contact the Biology office at 216-687-2440 or bges@csuohio.edu.

Geological Sciences

Professors: Abbed Babaei, W.B. Clapham, Jr.; Professor Emeritus: Howard H. Lo; Assistant Professor: Fasong Yuan.

Environmental Sciences

Professors: Abbed Babaei, Pete Clapham, F. Paul Doerder; Associate Professors: A. Ralph Gibson, Robert A. Krebs, B. Michael Walton, Julie A. Wolin; Assistant Professor: Fasong Yuan; Adjunct Faculty: Rebecca Drenovsky, John Carroll University; Jeffrey P. Johansen, John Carroll University; Cathi Lehn, Cleveland Botanical Garden; Daniel R. Petit, National Fish & Wildlife Foundation; Terry Robinson, Cleveland MetroParks.


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