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Graduate Catalog 2013 - 2014 
Graduate Catalog 2013 - 2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Museum Studies (Natural History), Graduate Certificate

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Anton A. Komar, Ph.D. and Crystal M. Weyman, Ph.D.: Certificate Program Coordinators


The certificate will serve as an introduction to the various aspects of professional work in museums, with particular attention to science museums. Modern museums have redefined themselves as educational, social, and cultural institutions, in addition to the traditional functions of scientific research and preservation. They house, protect, and preserve objects for posterity, and for study and enrichment. The objects found in natural history museums span many scientific disciplines and almost the entire existence of the earth; illuminating the history of these objects requires diverse techniques for direct observation and indirect inference. Further, modern natural history museums often maintain large collections of living organisms and may administer extensive nature preserves. Modern technology makes us human and it provides the tools for increasing our knowledge of and effect on the natural world; as such, technology itself is increasingly seen as a suitable object for natural history museums. Finally, modern museums encourage public engagement through volunteer programs, student internships, and a variety of educational programs; they also have a responsibility to contribute their experts and their store of basic scientific knowledge to enhance the factual basis of public issues where appropriate.

The certificate course work will address general aspects of museums, including fund-raising, and focus on the primary goals of a science museum: education, preservation of collections and research. Students can choose electives to deepen their understanding of the science in the particular area of their interest. Finally, the certificate will include an internship experience.

Admission Information

It is expected that most interested students will have some background in one of the scientific or technological fields typically found in Natural History Museums or Science Centers. The applicant must meet the graduate certificate admission requirements as detailed in the Graduate Certificate and Licensure Admissions section of the graduate catalog.

Application materials should be submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office.

Apply Now:

Certificate Requirements

Recommended, but not required:

  •  UST 652 - Financial Administration for Non-Profits (4 credits)

Total required credits = 18 to 20 Credits

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