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Graduate Catalog 2012 - 2013 
Graduate Catalog 2012 - 2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nonprofit Administration and Leadership, MNAL

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Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs

Urban Affairs 231
(216) 687-2136

Jennifer Alexander, Graduate Program Director


Nonprofit organizations are distinct from business and government in that they blend private structures with public purposes. Effective managers need an understanding of the structure and processes of nonprofits and how they interact with public and private institutions.

The Master of Nonprofit Administration and Leadership (MNAL) is a two-year degree designed to prepare students with knowledge of core management functions and competencies such as fundraising, financial management, human resource management, philanthropy, proposal writing, program development, program evaluation and applied management.

Nonprofit management, administration, and leadership is a rapidly growing career field in high demand. This degree program draws on the strengths of leading scholars and practitioners with expertise in human resources, volunteerism, philanthropy and the political character of nonprofits in civil society.

The MNAL is an interdisciplinary collaboration of the Levin College of Urban Affairs, the College of Business and the School of Social Work as well as other programs at Cleveland State University. This degree provides students with the tools to build management skills and knowledge of nonprofits in order to improve their employment opportunities, advance in their organization, or to make a career change.

For updated program information, visit the MNAL homepage at: http://urban.csuohio.edu/academics/graduate/mnal/

Research Units

Students have the opportunity to work with the faculty and staff in the research, public-service, and training centers of the Levin College. See http://urban.csuohio.edu/urban_center/ for information on the Levin College facilities.

Current faculty information can be located on the Cleveland State University Faculty Profile page.

College Computing and Technology

Two general purpose computer labs are located in UR 39 and UR 40. Software available in the labs include applications for word processing, spreadsheet analysis, database, computer aided presentation, Geographic Information Systems, ArcInfo, Internet access, and statistical analysis. The labs provide access to laser printers for high-quality black-and-white output, a color laser printer for GIS maps, and a color scanner for capture of graphics. Each lab is equipped with a permanently mounted LCD projector for teaching computer-based classes. Levin College students are provided with disk space on the networked server for conveniently storing class work and for creating personal web pages. The Interactive Media Lab (IML) is available for production of DVDs, CD-ROMs, video/audio streams, and advanced graphics. Digital video/audio capture equipment is available. The IML is equipped with Apple Macintosh computers and a Quicktime streaming server. Additional computing information may be found at the College Web site at urban.csuohio.edu.

Career Information

The Levin College—through the Office of Student Services and the faculty—provides a variety of services related to career planning to help students and graduates find employment related to their program of study. Current job postings are maintained in the Office of Student Services and on the College Web site. Cleveland State’s Career Services Center also provides graduate students and alumni with career advice and career-development assistance, including resume review. 

Financial Assistance

The Levin College provides graduate assistantships on a competitive basis to full-time students. Although the deadline for receipt of graduate-assistantship applications is March 1, fullest consideration is given to those who have submitted all application materials for the MNAL program by February 1.

The College also offers paid internships and tuition grants to eligible degree-seeking students. Application forms are available from the Levin College Office of Student Services. See also the section on Graduate Assistantships  Graduate Assistantships in this Catalog.

Admission Information

Applicants to the Master of Nonprofit Administration and Leadership Program must meet the minimum requirements established by the College of Graduate Studies and the MPA program faculty:

  1. A minimum undergraduate grade-point average of 3.0.
  2. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores, with an average GRE Verbal and Quantitative score at the 40th percentile, and an Analytical Writing score of at least 4.0.
  3. Students with a graduate degree from an accredited college or university are exempted from this requirement. Other standardized tests may be substituted at the discretion of the Program Director.
  4. Two letters of recommendation, using the Recommendation Form for Graduate Admission (available online at http://www.csuohio.edu/gradcollege/admissions/pdf/recommend.pdf)
  5. Non-native English speakers who do not have an earned bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited U.S. institution must demonstrate proof of English-language proficiency as indicated in under “Admission Requirements for International Students  and Permanent Residents” in this catalog.

Apply Now: http://www.csuohio.edu/gradcollege/admissions/apply.html

Types of Admission

The academic status of a graduate degree-seeking applicant is determined after a review of admission credentials. Graduate Program Committees, in concurrence with the Office of Graduate Admissions, may recommend admission of applicants as regular or conditional graduate students. Please refer to the Admission to the College of Graduate Studies section of this catalog for information on admission categories.

Program Requirements

The curriculum for the MNAL program consists of thirty-nine to fifty-one credit hours, depending on the number of prerequisites required. The program is divided into prerequisites, core courses, electives, and a Capstone.

Prerequisite Courses

 Students must satisfy two prerequisite requirements, either through prior coursework or completion of 2 courses:


**Students whose GRE Quantitative score is lower than the 60th percentile must take an assessment test prior to enrolling in UST 601. If necessary, UST 501 must be completed prior to UST 601.

Core Courses

The core of the MNAL curriculum (26-27 credit hours) is required of all students and consists of the following:

Elective Credit

Students have 3 courses (9-12 credit hours) available for electives and should consult with the Graduate Advisor to choose electives and plan their schedules. Electives are designed to enhance current skills or fill gaps in substantive areas. Students are encouraged to take advantage of special topics courses taught by Levin College faculty, and complete an internship if they are not an in service professional. Paid and unpaid internships are arranged through the Levin College Office of Student Services.

Capstone Requirement

All students are required to complete UST 656: Capstone in Nonprofit Management and Leadership prior to graduation. This course should be taken in the final semester of the program. Students integrate learning from the MNAL core curriculum with professional practices encountered in nonprofit organizations.

Transfer Credit

Upon satisfactory completion of 12 or more credit hours of graduate coursework at Cleveland State University, degree-seeking students may transfer up to 3 courses from an accredited college or university. Transfer credit is subject to Program Director approval, and must meet all University requirements for transfer credit (please refer to Academic Regulations).

The 5-year BA+MNAL Program

Through the BA+MNAL program, students may complete a BA in Nonprofit Administration and a Master of Nonprofit Administration and Leadership through the Levin College of Urban Affairs in five years, instead of the six academic years normally required of full-time students. High performing undergraduate students may apply to the 5-year program during the third year of undergraduate study and, if accepted, complete MNAL coursework during the fourth year and a transition term. Students may then complete all remaining MNAL coursework in two semesters of full-time graduate study.

Admission and Requirements

In addition to meeting the admission requirements for the conventional MNAL program, students applying to the 5-year BA+MNAL program must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 and submit two letters of recommendation from Cleveland State University faculty. Upon successful completion of the fourth year and transition term, students are awarded the BA in Nonprofit Administration. In order to be admitted to the final year of the BA+MNAL Program, students must complete the BA with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and receive grades of B or better in designated coursework.

For more information and curriculum plans, please consult the Levin College Office of Student Services, at 216-687-3884.

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