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Undergraduate Catalog 2019 - 2020 
Undergraduate Catalog 2019 - 2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Anthropology, B.A.


Anthropology is the study of peoples and cultures in all of their biological and ethnic diversity. It is composed of four traditional branches: archaeology (the human past), biological anthropology (the human body), cultural anthropology (living peoples and cultures), and linguistics (languages). Unlike many programs elsewhere, at CSU you can major in Anthropology with a specialization in any of the four branches.

What careers can this major prepare you for?

An anthropology major equips students for and is in high demand in all areas of business, not-for-profit activity, and government, from product design and marketing to community organization and law enforcement, intelligence, and even national security. Anthropological study also prepares students for graduate school in anthropology, the other humanities and social sciences, medicine, and law, among a host of other fields. Anthropology graduates find themselves employed in a multitude of occupations, including: Corporate Anthropology, Social Media Analyst, Forensic Anthropology, Diplomatic Service, International Development, Disaster Relief, Community Organizing, Diversity Management, Demographic Analyst, Archaeological Impact Assessment, Museum Educator, Museum Curator, University Professor, Archaeological Tourism, Ethnic Tourism, Social Studies Education, Web Production, Video Production, Journalism, Fiction Writing, Social Commentary, Political Analysis, Intelligence Analyst, Military Advisor.

What skills are developed within this major?

Anthropology teaches majors how and why human beings are similar and dissimilar, both physically and culturally. These insights empower them to understand other people better, navigate the numerous complexities of the social and international world, and build constructive relationships in their personal and professional lives. Such skills are applicable to and essential to success in virtually any pursuit.

Hours Required for Degree

Minimum hours required for degree: 120

Minimum hours required for major: 36

Major-Field Requirements

A minimum of 36 credit hours is required for the anthropology major. A grade of C or better must be earned in courses used to fulfill requirements for the major.

Foundations in Anthropology (9 credit hours)

Senior Seminar (3 credit hours)

Anthropology Electives (9 credit hours)

  • Anthropology courses at or above ANT 150. Only one lower division course (ANT 150-ANT 299) may be applied toward this requirement.   


No more than 6 credit hours of ANT 496 - Independent Study In Anthropology  may be used to fulfill requirements for the anthropology major.