Nov 21, 2019  
Graduate Catalog 2019 - 2020 
Graduate Catalog 2019 - 2020

Applications of Geospatial Science to the Field Sciences, Graduate Certificate

Geospatial science represents a revolution in the field sciences, including biology, environmental science, archeology, and geology - as well as applications of the social sciences and humanities that require the gathering and representation of field data in maps or map-like presentations. This revolution is reflected in the needs of the job market - a majority of job openings in field science desire or require a background in geospatial science. This certificate provides training and education in many aspects of geospatial science sufficient to enable its graduates to compete in the job market and to carry out analyses using the tools of geospatial science.


Research Component (4)

Research/Analytical component:  Research or other suitable capstone course offered by any program or department and supervised by any appropriate faculty member, including the equivalent of at least 30% of a 4-credit course devoted to the application of geospatial-science tools to issues with a field component.  This course may also be part of the student's thesis or exit project.