Oct 30, 2020  
Graduate Catalog 2020 - 2021 
Graduate Catalog 2020 - 2021

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law & Policy Graduate Certificate

The Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law & Policy Certificate will prepare students to work in the fast-growing fields of cybersecurity and data privacy. The increasing number and sophistication of cyber attacks on private and public organizations combined with a growing and complex array of data security and privacy regulations at the state, national and international levels has made data security and privacy critical issues for every organization.

The interdisciplinary curriculum is taught by academic experts and seasoned professionals in the Law and Business Colleges. The rigorous program will be valuable to legal, business and technology professionals both seeking to deepen their knowledge of the legal, policy and business dimensions of security and privacy as well as for those looking to enter these fields.

The Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law & Policy Certificate is a key component of the interdisciplinary Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection, housed at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. The Certificate is the first of several planned, connected certificates in the Business and Engineering Colleges.

Students may enroll in directly in the Certificate program or as part of the JD, MLS or LLM programs or another CSU graduate program. Students who enroll directly in the Certificate program and successfully complete it may elect to apply to the MLS program and count the certificate credits towards completion of the MLS.  

Students who enroll directly and have already received either a Juris Doctor or foreign law degree (at either the undergraduate or graduate level) may apply to matriculate to the LLM program and, if accepted, count these credits towards completion of the LLM degree. Students who apply directly will not be permitted to count the Certificate credits towards completion of the JD program due to American Bar Association requirements.

Students seeking admission directly into the Certificate program must meet the same requirements as for the Master of Legal Studies program. Students already enrolled in the JD, MLS or LLM programs or another graduate program at CSU seeking admission to the Certificate program must obtain approval from the Program Director.

Certificate Requirements

The Certificate Program requires students to complete a minimum of 15 credit hours from the courses listed, including the three required core courses listed below.

JD students who enroll in the Certificate are required to complete either an externship with a substantial cybersecurity/privacy component approved by the Program Director or another course with a substantial hands-on component. The credits from this requirement count towards the 15 total required to complete the Certificate.

Core Requirements (all programs)

These three courses provide the foundations of the Certificate program. Cybersecurity I and II must be taken in sequence. Privacy Law & Management can be taken at any point in the program.

  • Law 666 - Cybersecurity I
  • Law 747 - Cybersecurity II
  • Law 746 - Privacy Law & Management

Experiential Learning (required for JD Certificate)

JD students seeking the certificate are required to take one course that includes a substantial experiential learning component. Students seeking to fulfill this through an externship should consult with the Program Director to ensure that the placement includes a substantial cybersecurity or privacy component.

Elective Courses (6 credits, 3 credits for JD students)