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Graduate Catalog 2021 - 2022 
Graduate Catalog 2021 - 2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Spanish, Accelerated 4+1 BA/MA

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High-performing students may enter a 5-year fast-track program to receive both a BA and MA in Spanish. Applications are accepted after completion of core courses in the major and one 400-level seminar. Students accepted into the program then complete the remaining requirements for the major, with two graduate-level courses counting both towards BA requirements and towards the requirements for the MA. Students may then complete the remaining requirements for the Master’s degree with an additional year of full-time study.

The Master of Arts in Spanish degree program is housed in the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. For more information, contact the Spanish Director of Graduate Studies at 216-687-4645.

Special tracks: The Spanish major integrates the study of Iberian Studies and Latin American areas of literature, linguistics and culture. Students can also concentrate in language studies or combine any of the above areas for teaching or other professional careers.

Course Information: A student majoring in Spanish will find career opportunities in teaching, foreign service, industry, or communications. Language study involves mastery both of performance skills (speaking, reading, writing, understanding) and of a subject matter. The subject matter may be the language itself, its literature, culture, or pedagogy.

Language Skill Courses: A student who has completed Spanish course work in high school or at another institution who wishes to continue the study of Spanish must begin course work for credit at the level consistent with academic background. A placement test is required for all students with less than three years of high-school Spanish or the equivalent. Students who have had three or more years of previous study must consult with an adviser in the foreign language department to determine the appropriate level.

Native speakers: As a general guideline, students who read and write Spanish fluently must begin course work for credit at the 300-level or higher. Students considering a major in Spanish should consult an adviser in the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures as early as possible to plan an effective course of study.

Retroactive Credit: Students are eligible to earn up to 16 “retroactive” credits for previous knowledge of Spanish. This policy is for students who have completed a foreign language skills course and who earned a B or better in that course. For example, if your first Spanish skills course is SPN 201 and you receive an A or B, you can receive credit for SPN 101 and 102. Consult the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at 216-687-4646 for further information.

Credit by Examination: Students who successfully complete the Advanced Placement language examinations may be eligible for credit. For further information, refer to the External Test Credits section of the Registrar’s Office website: http://www.csuohio.edu/registrar/external-test-credit

Admission to Program

  • Total 90 credit hours earned towards BA
  • Overall grade point average of 3.25 or better
  • Grade point average of 3.5 in the undergraduate Spanish major
  • Speaking proficiency in Spanish equivalent to ”intermediate high” level guidelines established by the ACTFL.
  • Completion of introductory requirements for major (see below). With approval of the Director of Graduate Studies, candidates may apply in the semester in which they are completing these requirements.
  • Submission to the Director of Graduate Studies of a personal essay in Spanish outlining the applicant’s professional goals and how they relate to the program, and
  • Submission to the Director of Graduate Studies of two letters of recommendation from faculty.

Program Requirements

37 credits required for the Accelerated 4+1 undergraduate degree. With the substitution of a 4-credit graduate course for a 3-credit undergraduate course and the addition of the one other graduate course, 4+1 students will be expected to earn 5 credits above the required 32 credits for the conventional major, as requested for students seeking a B.A. in Spanish while enrolled at the University Honors College. Students who choose not to complete the 4+1 program may receive a BA in Spanish with the standard 32-credit requirements.

32 credits required for the Accelerated 4+1 graduate degree. Students must complete a total of 32 hours of graduate credit: 8 credits taken as an undergraduate and 24 credits taken as graduate student. On receiving their B.A. degrees, students will be considered members of the graduate program in Spanish, and will be required to adhere to all rules and regulations governing that program. Students work independently with faculty members to develop a reading list in these subject areas and will need to pass a two-hour written exam in addition to the final exam that all students must complete. All graduate students must complete both a written and a comprehensive oral exam.

Overview of Procedures

Students admitted to the 4+1 Accelerated BA/MA in Spanish program retain undergraduate status until they meet the requirements for the bachelor’s degree, at which point they will receive the BA degree.

Once admitted to the 4+1 program, students may complete up to 8 credit hours of graduate courses while enrolled in the undergraduate program. These 8 credit-hours count towards both the undergraduate degree and the graduate degree requirements.

Upon receipt of the Bachelor’s degree, students who have been accepted into the 4+1 program and who have received a grade of “B” or higher in their graduate courses will automatically be admitted to the Graduate Program. They will have up to 8 hours of graduate coursework (and grades) placed on their graduate transcripts.

Graduate students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 to remain in the program.

Language Proficiency and Study Abroad Requirement

Students must achieve a minimum ACTFL oral proficiency rating of Advanced Low on an Oral Proficiency Interview administered by a member of the Spanish Program.

In the interest of linguistic and cultural proficiency, students are required to study abroad. Cleveland State has faculty-led summer study abroad programs that offer credit that applies directly toward the degree. Study abroad undertaken on an independent basis may count towards degree requirements as transfer credit but must be approved prior to travel by the Director of Graduate Study.

Students with relevant foreign experience and achievement at the “advanced” level on the ACTFL oral proficiency test may petition to be exempted from this requirement.

Students for whom the study abroad experience would create a hardship may petition to develop an alternative experience in consultation with their advisors.

Students in the 4+1 program may participate in no more than one summer study abroad program for credit toward the degree.

Undergraduate Curriculum

Required Advanced Spanish Courses (Choose One Set)

  • SPN 301 Advanced Spanish: Oral Skills Emphasis
  • SPN 302 Advanced Spanish: Writing Skills Emphasis
  • SPN 304 Advanced Speaking in Spanish-Health Sciences
  • SPN 305 Advanced Writing in Spanish-Health Science

Required Core Content Courses

  • SPN 315 Introduction to Linguistics
  • SPN 345 Society and Culture of Spain
  • SPN 346 Latin American Society and Culture
  • SPN 371 Reading Literature from Spain
  • SPN 372 Reading Latin American Literature

400-Level Requirements


Choose one of the following 1-4 credit options.

  • SPN 494 Spanish Capstone
    Must be taken in combination with a 3-credit 400-level course (listed under Electives below).
  • SPN 495 Spanish Field Study Capstone
    Offered only during yearly faculty-led summer study abroad programs.
Service Learning

A 1-credit course, for which students arrange, with the supervision of a faculty member, to perform service for the department or community, or engage in community-based learning.

  • SPN 496 Independent Study in Spanish

Two 3-credit courses from the following list, one of which may be taken in conjunction with the SPN 494 Capstone course (see above). If the student take the SPN 495 Study Abroad Capstone course, they are required to only take only one course from this list.

  • SPN 402 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Stylistics
  • SPN 416 Studies in Spanish Linguistics
  • SPN 417 History of the Spanish Language
  • SPN 418 Spanish Sociolinguistics
  • SPN 419 Spanish Applied Linguistics
  • SPN 440 Field Study
  • SPN 445 Studies in Spanish Civilization
  • SPN 446 Studies in Spanish American Civilization
  • SPN 466 Silver & Gold
  • SPN 470 Fantastic Literature
  • SPN 483 Studies in Spanish Literature
  • SPN 484 Studies in Spanish American Literature
  • SPN 492 Special Topics: Study Abroad
  • SPN 493 Special Topics in Spanish
Graduate Courses Taken as Undergraduate

After completing undergraduate coursework, select two courses from the core courses of the Graduate Curriculum.

Note on Study Abroad as Undergraduates

Students who participate in study abroad programs typically substitute courses taken abroad (as SPN 340, 341, 392, 440, 441 or 492) for some of the required courses listed above.

Graduate Curriculum

Students must complete a total of 36 hours of graduate credit: 8 credits taken as an undergraduate and 28 credits taken as a graduate student. After the 16 Core credits and 8 Concentration credits, the student must take another 12 elective credits. All courses except SPN 501  can be repeated, as long as the topic of the course has changed.

Core Requirements (16 Credit Hours)

Field of Concentration (Select 2 Courses: 8 Credits)

In addition to the appropriate core courses above, students will complete an additional 8 credit hours from the courses listed below. To constitute a Field of Concentration, they must be chosen from one of the three specialized subfields listed below.

All courses may be repeated, as long as the topic has changed.

Required Electives (12 Credits)

Students must complete a minimum of 12 credits beyond the Core and Concentration requirements. In addition to courses listed above, these may include:

Exit Requirements

Students in the Accelerated 4+1 program must complete a total of 36 graduate credit hours.

All students in the Spanish MA program must pass a final oral examination based on a review of  coursework and a revised version of the student’s best research paper. Three faculty members are chosen by the student for this exam, which typically takes place during or shortly after the last semester of coursework.

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