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Undergraduate Catalog 2022 - 2023 
Undergraduate Catalog 2022 - 2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Africana Studies, B.A.


The Africana Studies Program provides undergraduate students an opportunity to study the history, culture, socio-economic and political developments, and creative expressions of people of African descent. Additionally, the program highlights the contributions of black people to world civilizations. The principle geographic domains of this academic discipline are the United States, South America, Africa, and increasingly Western Europe, where large communities of persons of African descent reside. The field features a diversity of academic approaches, as well as intellectual and practical interests, and encompasses an array of disciplines, including History, English, Political Science, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Art, Music, Urban Studies, Religion, and Philosophy.

What careers can this major prepare you for?

The Africana Studies degree affords a student the opportunity to pursue a graduate education and/or a variety of career fields. Africana Studies Program majors/minors can be found in an array of professions and occupational areas. These career possibilities include: education, journalism, law, business management, government, city planning, community development, international relations, psychology, public health, religion, radio, television, visual and performing arts, and social work.

What skills are developed within this major?

Skills developed within this major include: Critical Thinking, Effective Communication, Research and Writing, Cultural Literacy/Awareness, Collaboration/Teamwork, and Diversity/Multicultural Interaction.

For Information

Contact the Africana Studies Program (216) 687-3655 or visit our website: https://artsandsciences.csuohio.edu/africanastudies/

Did you know Africana Studies majors can earn a second degree - a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management from the Monte Ahuja College of Business?

Both majors, Africana Studies and Healthcare Management, can be completed in four years under supervised academic advising in the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business. Through this dual degree plan, students will expand their educational experience by taking courses in two different colleges that explore race, allyship, social justice, management, and public policy. The Healthcare Management degree is designed to address Cleveland’s need for diverse healthcare management, administrators, and talent, and to prepare students for careers in the fast-growing healthcare market. For more information on this dual degree option, contact an academic advisor in the College of Business or College of Arts and Sciences.

Admission to Major

Good academic standing.

Hours Required for Degree

Minimum hours required for the degree: 120

Minimum hours required for the major: 30

College Requirements

See college page  for college requirements.

Major-Field Requirements

Africana Studies majors are required to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours. The hours must include core hours in each of the following categories: Africana Studies Foundational Courses, History and Cultures of Africa, African Diaspora History and Culture, African American History and Politics, African American Literature, and Africana Studies Elective Courses.

A minimum of 18 credit hours must be completed at the 300-400 course level in the major. See website or call the Africana Studies Program for the complete listing of courses.

Africana Studies Foundational Courses (Section A)

Required Courses (12 Credit Hours)


No substitutions are permitted for the Discipline Foundational Courses.

History and Cultures of Africa (Section B)

Choose One Course (3 Credit Hours)

African American History, Culture, and Politics (Section D)

Choose Two Courses (6 Credit Hours)

African American Literature (Section E)

Choose One Course (3 Credit Hours)

Africana Studies Elective Courses (Section F)

Choose One 300/400 Level Course (3 Credit Hours)


For ART 495 SPN 393 SPN 446 , and SPN 493 , topic must be related to some aspect of Africa or African diaspora.