May 30, 2023  
Graduate Catalog 2022 - 2023 
Graduate Catalog 2022 - 2023

Global Business, Graduate Certificate


There is a growing demand for professionals who can deal with complex problems in international trade and management. The Graduate Certificate in Global Business provides the opportunity for current graduate business students and those who hold graduate business degrees to enhance their skills in international business practices and management strategies.
Credits earned as part of the certificate program may apply toward a graduate degree.

Students who complete the certificate program will be able to:

  • Enhance and complement the skills of business professionals who deal with complex problems in international trade, finance, marketing, operations, and strategic management;
  • Bring professional knowledge and skills about international business to Northeast Ohio companies that operate in global markets.

Career Information

The Graduate Certificate in Global Business is designed to prepare business professionals to manage and conduct business in a complex and fast-changing global environment. The Certificate targets current graduate business students and those already holding graduate business degrees by providing them the opportunity to earn formal credentials in the field.

Faculty Research

More than two dozen faculty members are engaged in international business research projects in various business disciplines. Recent publications include articles in scholarly and professional journals, presentations at national and international professional meetings, and sustained contributions to professional associations.

Admission Information

Students who are admitted to the certificate program should have completed MBA 602  or an equivalent graduate-level international business course. The certificate program consists of four graduate courses (three required and one elective) for a minimum of 14 credit hours. A minimum of B grade in each course is required to complete the certificate program.

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