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Graduate Catalog 2022 - 2023 
Graduate Catalog 2022 - 2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics, MS

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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Rhodes Tower 1515
(216) 687-4680
Dr. Greg Lupton, Chair
Dr. Yiying (Richard) Fan, Graduate Program Director

Areas of Study

Master of Science

Master of Science with a Specialization in Applied Statistics


The demand for people trained in mathematics and statistics will continue to grow because of the central role of both fields in science, engineering, health, and business.

The Master of Science in Mathematics is designed to provide a variety of graduate level mathematical options for students interested in a deeper understanding of theoretical and applied mathematics. Students graduating with this degree often pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics, teach secondary school mathematics, or seek employment as an actuary or analyst.

The Master of Science in Mathematics with the Specialization in Applied Statistics provides students with a broad background in applied statistical methodology. Graduates from this program find employment in Northeast Ohio and beyond as statistical analysts. Statisticians work in both government, industry, and business.

Faculty Research

Faculty members are active in many areas of research in pure and applied mathematics, including algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, commutative algebra, coding theory, applied mathematics (especially numerical analysis, mathematical biology, ordinary and partial differential equations, and fluid dynamics), mathematics education, probability theory, and statistics. Some department members are the authors of widely used textbooks in mathematics and statistics, both graduate and undergraduate.

For more information on Faculty research, please see http://www.csuohio.edu/sciences/mathematics/faculty-research-0

Financial Assistance

A limited number of graduate assistantships and tuition grants are available to qualified students. Assistantships include a stipend and tuition support. Applicants wishing to be considered for graduate assistantship are required to provide a personal statement explaining why they decided to pursue an MS in Mathematics or an MS in Mathematics with Specialization in Applied Statistics. Contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for further information. (See the section on Financial Aid and Expenses: Graduate Assistantships  in this Catalog.)

Admission Information

In addition to meeting College of Graduate Studies requirements for admission, applicants are expected to have a baccalaureate degree in mathematics, engineering, or another scientific or technical area. Applicants should have completed a sequence in calculus and analytic geometry, as well as courses in linear algebra and differential equations and at least eight credits in junior- or senior-level mathematics courses. An applicant without this preparation may be admitted on a probationary basis, subject to removing deficiencies during the first year of graduate study. Applicants in the Applied Statistics Specialization must have completed an undergraduate or graduate course in inferential statistics. Applicants without an undergraduate or graduate course in inferential statistics can complete STA 323 which is offered every semester to complete this requirement prior to entry into the program.

Apply Now: http://www.csuohio.edu/graduate-admissions/how-apply 

Degree Requirements

In addition to meeting Graduate College requirements for the master’s degree, MS degree candidates must earn 36 credit hours distributed as follows:


(28 credits) Only 4 combined credits from MTH 597 MTH 697 , STA 597 STA 697  may count towards the degree requirement of 28 elective credits. More than 4 credits may be taken but only the first 4 credits may be used to satisfy elective credits. 

Any 7 of the following courses:


Up to eight credits of approved courses at or above the 400-level, offered by other departments

Exit Requirement

Choose one course from these two courses (4 credits)

Scheduling of Courses

Most courses in the Master of Science program are offered in the evening during the academic year only. It is highly recommended that students complete MTH 514  in their first year of study.

With department approval, students may apply a maximum of eight 400-level credits taken as a Graduate Student at Cleveland State offered by a department other than department of Mathematics and Statistics toward a master’s degree in Mathematics.

Specialization in Applied Statistics

This specialization is for students seeking development of skills in statistics and data analysis. Coursework can lead to employment in a variety of industries that seek quantitatively skilled employees with knowledge of statistical methodology.

Required Coursework

In addition to MTH 514  and either MTH 696  or STA 696  required of the MS in Mathematics,

STA 524 , STA 567 , either STA 536  or STA 531 , and 3 courses at the 600 level.

Students must meet the requirements of the MS degree in Mathematics.

The MS in Mathematics is earned by completing the following courses and earning 36 credit hours.

The following schedule of classes would allow students to complete the specialization in a 2-year period.

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