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Graduate Catalog 2022 - 2023 
Graduate Catalog 2022 - 2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Society 5.0: Technology, Innovation, Equity, and the Future of Humanity, Graduate Certificate


Society is rapidly approaching a fifth stage of development that includes emerging disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, multi-sensory transfer, augmented and virtual realities, advanced robotics, and synthetic forms of life. As in the previous four stages of societal development, (1) hunter-gathering; (2) agrarian; (3) industrial, and (4) informational, the role of technology has shaped everyday experience as well as aspirational hopes for a better and more prosperous, fair, and equitable future. Through this certificate, students will be challenged to think deeply about Society 5.0, a society in which advances in technology will push the limits of our understanding of human experience, reality, intelligence, and consciousness, while confronting the future of work, travel, relationships, governmental systems, legal applications, health care, education, access, equity, and life in general. It is designed to confront big questions concerning human-machine interfaces, knowledge formation, privacy, security, and what constitutes life and the living. It prepares students to conceive and confront potential futures by learning to think in innovative, transdisciplinary ways while working across and between disciplines to better understand problems while designing practical solutions for guiding and shaping innovations in technology for and in the public interest.

Admission Information

Degree-seeking graduate students who hold regular admission status can pursue the certificate program. Prior to graduation, degree-seeking students should file a letter with the Urban Affairs Graduate Programs Advisor, stating their intent to complete requirements for the certificate. The letter must specify the expected date of completion of each course being applied toward the certificate.

Alternatively, applicants must apply for graduate certificate admission.  Certificate admission requirements are detailed in the Admissions  section of this Catalog. In addition to meeting these admission requirements, certificate applicants must submit a current resume or statement of purpose.

With program permission, non-degree graduate students may take the courses noted below, but non-degree graduate students cannot earn a University graduate certificate. 

Credits earned for the certificate may apply toward a graduate degree, as approved by the student’s graduate program director and in keeping with policies of the College of Graduate Studies.

Apply Now:

For further information, contact:

Office of Student and Enrollment Services
School of Urban Affairs
Urban Affairs Building, Suite 205
Phone: (216) 687-3884

Elective Courses

Students choose 1 elective. UST 802 - Logic of Inquiry  is recommended for doctoral students and UST 688 - Transdisciplinary Perspectives  is recommended for masters and non-degree seeking students.