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Undergraduate Catalog 2023 - 2024 
Undergraduate Catalog 2023 - 2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Business Major, B.B.A.


General Business major provides students a breadth of knowledge in business concepts such as accounting, finance, operations, marketing, management, selling, and entrepreneurship. This major is ideal for working professionals and business owners.

What careers can this major prepare you for?

Students graduating with a major in General Business can qualify for a wide variety of entry-level positions across many industries and sectors including sales, banking, insurance, marketing, human resources, real estate, supply chain, and accounting.

What skills are developed within this major?

Skills developed within this major include: Collaboration, Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, Cultural Sensitivity, Selling, Public Speaking, Quantitative Analysis Skills.


The General Business major offers two options to satisfy major filed requirements: the On-Campus Track and the Online Track and students must select one track to satisfy the required major field 33 credit hours. 

On-Campus Track: 

  • The on-campus track provides a specific and flexible business educational experience, which allows the student to select from business academic areas of interests that support specific career interest and direction, and offers the ability to participate in business internship experiences based on the selected minor or certificate selections to satisfy the General Business major on-campus track.

Online Track

  • The online track provides a flexible business online educational experience which supports full-time or part-time working professionals. The program allows for the selection of business courses from various business disciplines such as real estate, marketing, management or accounting, and additional business areas.

Admission to Major

Major Declaration Standards

  • Completion of the required BBA lower core coursework with a final grade of C or better.

Pre-Business BBA Degree: BBA Major Declaration Course Requirements

  1. ENG 100 /ENG 101 - College Writing I  
  2. ENG 102 - College Writing II  
  3. MTH 148 - Mathematics for Business Majors I  
  4. ACT 221 - Introductory Accounting I  
  5. BUS 151 - World of Business  
  6. BUS 201 - Applied Business Statistics  
  7. ECN 201 - Principles of Macroeconomics  
  8. IST 203 - Software Tools for Personal Productivity  

Hours Required for Degree

Minimum hours required for degree: 120

Minimum hours required for major: 33 hours for the major outside of the BBA lower and upper core

College Requirements

See college page  for college requirements.

Major-Field Requirements

The General Business major requires the selection of one of two major field tracks regarding the 33 credit hours of 300/400 level courses to satisfy the General Business major required electives. The two major field tracks are:

  1. On-Campus Degree Track
  2. Online Degree Track

Academic and Graduation Requirements: The General Business major requires completion of an overall average GPA of 2.0 within the major coursework. A grade of “C” or higher is required for all 33 credit hours of coursework associated with the major field track for the General Business major. All courses in which a grade lower than a “C” was earned associated with the major field track for the General Business major must be repeated.

On-Campus Track: General Business Major Field Requirements

The general business major consists of 33 credit hours of 300/400 level business coursework beyond the B.B.A. degree’s core requirements. The major field requirements for the On-Campus Track require students to select two programs from the minor and certificate College of Business undergraduate programs. If needed, completion of one 300/400 level three-credit hour course from any CSU academic program is acceptable.

Certificate Programs

 Minor Programs

Students who select the On-Campus Track are allowed to enroll in CSU online courses required for their selected business minor or certificate program for the General Business: On-Campus Track program in order to satisfy the electives for the General Business: On-Campus Track.

Online Track: General Business Major Field Requirements

Online Track: General Business Major Field Requirements: Select from an approved list of online business coursework - 33 credit hours

All the major field courses are offered online.

Students must select eleven courses from an approved list based on the student’s interests. The general business major requires completion of an overall average GPA of 2.0 within the major course work. CSU requires an overall GPA of 2.0 in order to file for graduation.

Students who select the Online Track are allowed to enroll in CSU on-campus courses listed on the approved major elective course list for the General Business: Online Track program in order to satisfy the electives for the General Business: Online Track.

Honors Program/University Scholars Requirements

The following upper-division requirements apply for honors/scholars students who select a major in the BBA programs in the Monte Ahuja College of Business Administration.

Students will be required to take a minimum of 15 credit hours of upper-division (i.e., 300- and 400-level) honors courses in the College of Business Administration. General guidelines for these credit hours are given below. However, the specific courses that each student takes will be agreed upon by the student and the student’s honors/scholars advisor.

Honors Courses

A minimum of 15 hours of honors credits will be taken as follows:

Honors Internship (required in either junior or senior year, three credit hours).

Each honors/scholars student will engage in an internship experience in which the student will gain work experience in an organizational environment related to the student’s area of interest. The student may choose to either sign up for the regular internship experience within the departments that offer such courses already (i.e. ACT 490 FIN 490 , INB 490 , MGT 490 , MKT 490 , or OSM 490 ), or BUS 490  that will serve those majors that do not already have an internship available.

Honors Courses (minimum of twelve credits).

Honors/Scholars students in business will also be required to take at least three honors courses within the College of Business Administration, with at least one course (minimum of three credit hours) within the major. These honors courses will be created via a contract between honors/scholars students and a cooperating faculty member. The contract allows for any 300- or 400-level business or computer science course to be modified to become an honors course. The honors/scholars student and the faculty member agree to a contract that spells out how the course will be modified to provide an appropriate learning experience for the honors student. The contract, including a copy of the revised syllabus and an explanation of how the honors version of the course differs from the regular version, is then submitted to the department chair for approval. The student then registers for the honors version of the course, but attends a regular section of the course that the cooperating faculty is teaching. The honors section of the course is designated with the regular course number with the letter H added to designate that the student is enrolled in the honors version of the course (e.g., MKT 301H - Introduction to Marketing). Only the approved honors/scholars student is allowed to register for the course under the honors number. The designation of an H course needs to be approved by the director of the university’s honors/scholars program.

Honors credits can be used to replace a maximum of 15 credit hours of required major courses, major electives, or free electives, with the approval of the honors advisor.

Honors/Scholars Advisor

Each honors student will select an advisor from among the approved honors/scholars advisors in the department. The advisors will advise honors students and supervise the honors internship. The honors/scholars advisors will assist the students in designing their honors experience, including choosing their honors courses and arranging for an internship.