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Undergraduate Catalog 2023 - 2024 
Undergraduate Catalog 2023 - 2024

Education, Foreign Language, Grades PreK to 12 (French or Spanish), with Multi-age Licensure

About Multi-Age Licensures

Degree Granted: Upper-division undergraduates at Cleveland State University who wish to obtain a PreK-12 license are expected to enroll in the college of their academic major and license in Education. Students follow the degree requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences and receive their baccalaureate degree from that college. The College of Public Affairs and Education may also recommend the granting of adolescent/young adult teaching license in a field other than the student’s major to a person who has met the college and state requirements for such a credential.

Specialization Options: Spanish or French. More information can be obtained from the Education Student Services Center, Julka Hall 170, 216-687-4625.

Minimum Hours Required for the education license: 33 credits

Teaching Credential: An Ohio four-year Resident Educator teaching license in PreK-12 Spanish or French (valid for ages 3-21) will be awarded upon successful completion of an appropriate degree program in World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures and the total professional education sequence or minor in education. (Note: In some instances, course work beyond the degree requirements of the student’s college may be needed to obtain licensure.)  Requires successful completion of all program requirements and acceptable scores on applicable state licensure examinations as mandated by the State Board of Education. 

Portfolio: All teaching license students are expected to maintain a portfolio while completing their professional coursework and field experiences.

At various checkpoints, students must meet specific criteria to be eligible to continue to the next phase of their program.  For complete information on portfolios, students are advised to access the student portfolio handbooks available at one of the following:

TaskStream and ePortfolio: https://levin.csuohio.edu/taskstream/electronic-portfolio

Accreditation: Having met current curriculum guidelines set by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, the College of Public Affairs and Education and its PreK-12 foreign language programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Admission to Minor: To be accepted into a PreK-12 License Program, undergraduates in other colleges of Cleveland State University must apply to the College of Public Affairs and Education Advising Office prior to the start of taking professional education course work at the 300 level and above. Candidates must satisfy all requirements for admission to the College of Public Affairs and Education.

Advising: Admission and program guidelines may be secured from the Education Student Services Center, Julka Hall 170, 216-687-4625. Continuing academic, personal, and professional advising is available from assigned faculty advisers and the Education Student Services Center. Most students will also have an adviser in their major field.

Evening Program: No evening program is offered as students must be available for field placements in area schools during the day; however, those classes that do not require fieldwork are frequently offered in the evenings.

Department Office: Teacher Education, Julka Hall 302, 216-687-4600.


(33 hours)

1. General Education

Complete the General Education Requirements for selected major, including specific courses noted below: 

3. Concentration

In many instances, successful completion of an academic major in the preferred teaching field at Cleveland State University will satisfy content area or disciplinary requirements for Education, Foreign Language, Grades PreK to 12 (French or Spanish), with Multi-age licensure. The links listed below will identify the courses necessary to complete a major and licensure in each major area. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with an advisor in the Education Student Services Center, Julka Hall 170, to ensure that all major and licensure requirements are met.

PreK-12 Foreign Language: French

BA French  

PreK-12 Foreign Language: Spanish

BA Spanish