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Graduate Catalog 2023 - 2024 
Graduate Catalog 2023 - 2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

JD/MBA Joint Degree Program

JD/MBA Joint Degree Program

The design of the curriculum leading to the degrees of Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration permits the student to complete both degrees within four years instead of the five years that normally would be required to complete the two degrees separately.

Applicants to the Joint Degree Program must apply for admission to both the College of Graduate Studies and the College of Law separately and follow the normal procedures of the respective colleges. The student will not be allowed under any circumstances to take more than eight years to complete the combined program.

Students may begin their studies in either program. However, the student must begin law school studies in the year in which they are admitted. Moreover, the first year of law school courses must be completed entirely in the College of Law and all courses are mandatory that year. Students are advised that they are permitted to begin coursework in the College of Business and apply later for admission to the College of Law, but that if they do, no Business College credits completed before matriculation to the law school can be counted among the 10 credits that transfer from the College of Business toward the student’s law degree.

The Joint Degree Program requires a total of four academic years. The Juris Doctor requirements are fulfilled by the completion of eighty semester credit hours of work in the College of Law, including all required courses, as well as ten credit hours transferred from Master of Business Administration courses.The MBA requirements are fulfilled by the completion of twenty-one credit hours of required core MBA courses, as well as nine credit hours transferred from law courses. In order to ensure that the degree requirements of both programs are fully maintained, while at the same time permitting the saving of a full academic year, students who pursue the combined programs are not permitted to take elective courses outside of either the College of Law or the MBA program for credit toward either degree.

For information about the JD/MBA program, call the MBA Programs Advising Office at (216) 687-3730 or visit the Web site at https://business.csuohio.edu/academics/mbajuris-doctor