May 29, 2024  
Graduate Catalog 2023 - 2024 
Graduate Catalog 2023 - 2024

Applied Social Research, Accelerated 4+1 BA/MA

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The purpose of this accelerated program is to allow undergraduate students to complete an undergraduate and graduate degree in the equivalent of five years of study (depending on course load).

Undergraduate students in their 3rd or 4th year, once accepted into the 4+1 program, will be required to take SOC 550 - Applied Social Research Methods , and two 500-level elective seminar courses. They will also be encouraged, but not required, to take SOC 540 - Social Theory and Application .  SOC 540  has a prerequisite of an undergraduate theory course in social science, so it cannot replace the students’ undergraduate theory requirement. It can, however, count as undergraduate elective credit. 

After graduation with their B.A., students will need to take one of their Tool Skill requirements during the summer between their senior year and their graduate year.  The exception to this will be students who have not taken SOC 540 , as they will need to plan to take two summer tool skill courses or take one each summer.

During the one year of coursework, 4+1 students will take SOC 551  and SOC 552  (Statistics I & II), the Master’s Research Practicum, and two Tool Skill electives.  Students who have not taken SOC 540  will also have to take that during their fall semester.  The expectation is that students will take 9 credit hours per AY semester to complete the accelerated program. 

If you are interested in this program, please contact:
Department of Criminology and Sociology
Rhodes Tower (RT) 1721


To be eligible for admission to the 4+1 program, the student must:

  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or higher;
  • Major in criminology, anthropology, or sociology;
  • Have completed 60 credit hours of the Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Criminology, or Sociology.

GRE scores are not required. Undergraduate students must submit the Accelerated 4+1 Master’s program application submitted to the graduate program director of the Master of Arts in Applied Social Research program no later than the spring semester of junior year (junior year standing). Immediately upon approval of graduation applications, the Graduate Program Director will process this paperwork and notify students that they are accepted pending successful completion of the semester. The graduate program director will be assigned as an advisor, and the undergraduate program directors in their undergraduate major division also will be consulting advisors as needed.

Course Requirements

In addition to meeting all University requirements, degree candidates must successfully complete a minimum of thirty credit hours, or ten courses. These must include five core courses (with a choice of either SOC 695  or SOC 690 ) two graduate-level seminars and three tool skill electives.


Students must take either SOC 695  (3 credits) or SOC 690  (3 credits), not both. All other courses listed are required.


Three tool skill courses including SOC 590 SOC 595 , or approved graduate-level courses from related social science and interdisciplinary social science departments. At least one must be taken outside of Criminology and Sociology, but most students will take at least two from another department or college. The department has a list of pre-approved outside tool skill courses, but others may be taken with permission.

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