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Undergraduate Catalog 2012 - 2013 
Undergraduate Catalog 2012 - 2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education, Physical and Sport, with Multi-Age Licensure, B.S. in Ed.

About Multi-Age Licensure

Multi-Age license, valid for teaching learners from ages 3-21 and grades Pre-Kindergarten-12 in the curriculum areas named in such license. Preparation in the teaching field shall constitute at least an academic major or its equivalent with sufficient advanced course work in all areas to be taught.


(120 hours, minimum)

A. General Education and Prerequisite Requirements (41-54 hours)

The courses listed in this section are designed to meet GenEd 2008 requirements and provide coursework prerequisite to the professional and major components of the program. In some cases, the listed courses exceed the university GenEd 2008 requirements. NOTE: The list of approved GenEd 2008 courses is continually updated; program and department advisers should be consulted for the latest list.

Basic Foundation

1. Intro to University Life

(if required)

3. Mathematics and Quantitative Literacy

  • Math or QL course selected from approved list (MTH 116  recommended) (4 hours)
  • Second Math or QL course selected from approved list (MTH 117  recommended) (4 hours)

Breadth of Knowledge

4. Natural Sciences

(See HPERD Department for specific course requirements)

  • Natural Science course selected from approved list with corresponding lab (4 hours)
  • Second Natural Science course selected from approved list (3 hours)
5. Social Sciences

6. Arts and Humanities

  • Second Arts and Humanities course selected from approved list, from department other than HPERD and focusing on a society other than U.S. (Africa, Asia, Latin American, or Middle East) (3 hours)
7. Social Diversity

Additional Components

8. Writing/Speaking Across the Curriculum

  • The three-course Writing-Across-the-Curriculum requirement will be met by program requirements, including EDB 301 , EDB 302 , and PED 330 
11. Foreign Language

(if required)

  • 2 semesters of foreign language or 2 semesters of American Sign Language (ASL) and 1 foreign culture course (0-12 hours)

C. Major-Field Requirements (56-58 hours)

Required course work in physical education is included in this area (56 or 58 hours).

Forms of Movement (11 hours)