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Undergraduate Catalog 2012 - 2013 
Undergraduate Catalog 2012 - 2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Business Major, B.B.A.


The Bachelor of Business Administration degree in International Business (INB) prepares students to manage and lead in a variety of internationally oriented organizations in today's increasingly interdependent, global economy. This major allows students to gain the knowledge and skills required for international business careers while developing an understanding of the political, cultural and regulatory environments that shape international business and trade.

International business majors take a comprehensive curriculum that includes courses in business, language, political science, and culture that are related to their region of interest, and are strongly encouraged to participate in study-abroad and internship programs offered by the Monte Ahuja College.

Admission to major:

Completion of all College of Business Administration lower-division requirements and a grade of "C" or better in INB 301 .

International Business credit hours required for major:

A minimum of 32 beyond the College of Business core requirements with a minimum grade of C in each course.


International business (INB) majors and prospective majors should consult with the Department of Marketing, which is responsible for administering the INB Program. Call 216-687-4771 to make an appointment.

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Major-Field Requirements

International business majors who are newly-admitted to CSU for Fall 2009 must take 34 credit hours beyond the college core requirements in the following five components:

I. International Business Core Component

The INB major must take four courses in the INB Core.

II. Language Component

INB majors are required to have competency in a language other than English. Students entering CSU with 200-level proficiency in speaking and writing skills of another language will be waived from this requirement. All other students must complete the intermediate level sequence (201/202 or other approved courses) of a foreign language.


In order to get sufficient exposure to international business environments, students who are fulfilling General Education Requirements are encouraged to choose western, non western and social science courses that have significant international content. Consult with the INB adviser for a list of recommended courses.


Students who participate in INB 490  (International Business Internship) can register in approved classes at partnering universities. The credit hours earned at the partnering university will be transferred as credits earned under INB 492 .

V. International Business Consultancy

The INB major must take:

Recommended Program*

Total: 16 Credits

Total: 16 Credits

Seventh Semester

  • International Business Core Elective II (3 credits)
  • International Business Core Elective III (4 credits)
  • Political/Cultural Elective (4 credits)
  • Modern Language Elective (4 credits)
Total: 15 Credits

Eighth Semester

Total: 15 Credits


(W) indicates a Writing-Across-the-Curriculum course for university requirements. A minimum grade of C is required to satisfy the writing requirement.

In order to be eligible to enroll in the language courses required for the International Business major, students must have at least introductory level proficiency (101/102) in a foreign language. If the introductory and/or intermediate level courses are bypassed or waived, additional electives will be needed to reach the 128 credit-hour total required for graduation. International Business majors are strongly advised to enroll in additional language courses if such elective hours are needed.