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Undergraduate Catalog 2022 - 2023 
Undergraduate Catalog 2022 - 2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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HSC 485 - Human Gross Anatomy Observation Lab

[1 credit(s)]
Prerequisite: Admission to the Urban Health Certificate or permission of instructor. Co-requisite: HSC 475/575. HSC 485/585 is an observational lab in which students learn from anatomical specimens that have been previously dissected. This lab course is designed for students who are unable to fit the full dissection lab into their schedules but wish to have exposure to the three-dimensional learning that takes place in a cadaver lab. Students completing this course as a prerequisite for a graduate or professional program need to carefully check program requirements to ensure that an observational lab will fulfill the prerequisite.

Semesters Offered: Every Spring

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