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Undergraduate Catalog 2023 - 2024 
Undergraduate Catalog 2023 - 2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BIO 451 - Field Experience in Eco & Conservation

[1-6 credit(s)]
Prerequisites: BIO 300 or 302, and 304. This course will examine principles of ecology and conservation biology through field research in a natural setting. Students will participate in research projects emphasizing analyses of biodiversity, population demography, species interactions, or behavior. Following preparatory sessions at Cleveland State University, the class will travel to off-campus field sites for the balance of the course. Living conditions may be primitive in the field and international travel may be required. May be repeated for credit for a total of 8 credit hours, but no more than 8 credits of any combination of BIO 391, BIO 451, BIO 491, BIO 492, BIO 496, and BIO 497 will be allowed as electives for the biology degree. See semester course schedule and contact the biology office (216) 687-2440 for further information.

Semesters Offered: Every Fall and Spring

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