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Undergraduate Catalog 2020 - 2021 
Undergraduate Catalog 2020 - 2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Department web-page: http://www.csuohio.edu/sciences/dept/chemistry/index.html

Professors: David J. Anderson, David W. Ball (Department Chair), Mekki Bayachou, Valentin Gogonea, Baochuan Guo, Michael Kalafatis, John Masnovi, Xue-Long Sun, Yan Xu, Aimin Zhou; Professors Emeriti: Anson H. Andrist, Roger W. Binkley, Robert L.R. Towns, Bruce F. Turnbull; Associate Professors: Bin Su, John Turner; Associate Professors Emeriti: Thomas W. Flechtner, Ralph A. Gardner, Robert Megargle, Earl Mortensen, Robert Wei; Assistant Professors: Anthony Berdis, Chris Boyd, Yana Sandlers; Adjunct Faculty: Joseph Mundell, Douglas Rodhe, Bingcheng Wang; College Associate Lecturers: Anne O’Connoe, Vania DePaoli; Clinical Faculty: Manjula Gupta, Michael P.C. Ip; CCF Faculty: Alex Almasan, Kathleen Berkner, Tatiana Byzova, Guy Chisolm, John Crabb, Carol delaMotte, Paul DiCorleto, Donna Driscoll, Serpil Erzurum, Maria Febbraio, Paul Fox, Jaharul Haque, Vincent Hacall, Stan Hazen, Jane Hoover-Plow, Sadashiva Karnik, Xiaoxia Li, Thomas McIntyre, Richard Padgett, Edward Plow, Jun Qin, Robert Silverman, Roy Silverstein, Jonathan Smith, George Stark, Dennis Stuehr, Bruce Trapp, Qing Wang, Sihe Wang, Qingyu Wu.

Honors Program

The Chemistry Department participates in the Honors Program at CSU by requiring honors students who are Chemistry majors (available for all tracks) to register for research courses (either CHM 379 - Independent Study  or, with senior status, CHM 489 - Senior Research ) under the guidance of a professor who acts as mentor. Honors chemistry students are required to enroll in at least 2 credit hours of research coursework each semester, for a minimum of 8 credit hours by the time of degree completion. Students are required to begin enrolling in research courses upon declaration of a Chemistry major or upon acceptance into the Honors Program. By getting involved in scientific research as soon as possible, honors students will better understand chemistry’s status as a bench science and have the opportunity to participate in original, ground-breaking laboratory work.

Secondary Teacher Licensure

Students have the option of a dual field licensure in chemistry through CSUteach while earning a B.S. in Chemistry. Licensure programs require coursework from the College of Sciences and Health Professions and the College of Education and Human Services. Contact the Chemistry adviser for required science courses. Contact the Education Student Service Center and CSUteach for the education courses required for licensure or for information on the requirements for Post-Baccalaureate Secondary Teacher Licensure (216-687-4697 or JH 302).

One teacher preparation track is available, the CSUteach B.S. in Chemistry, Integrated License, Grades 7-12.

See also Education, Adolescent and Young Adult with Licensure, Grades 7-12 .


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