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Undergraduate Catalog 2023 - 2024 
Undergraduate Catalog 2023 - 2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education, Music, Grades PreK to 12, with Multi-Age Licensure

About Multi-Age Licensure

Degree Granted: Undergraduates at Cleveland State University who wish to obtain a PreK-12 license in music must audition to be accepted as Music Education majors in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students follow the degree requirements and receive their baccalaureate degree from that college. Upon completion of all degree and licensure requirements the College of Public Affairs and Education recommends the granting of a PreK-12 teaching license in Music.

Minimum Hours Required for the professional requirements: 55 hours; Music, 48 hours

Teaching Credential: An Ohio four-year Resident Educator PreK-12 teaching license in Music (valid for ages 3-21) will be awarded upon successful completion of the degree program in Music Education. Requires successful completion of all program requirements and acceptable scores on applicable state licensure examinations as mandated by the State Board of Education.

Accreditation: The music education program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. The College of Public Affairs and Education and its PreK-12 music licensure program are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Admission: Students in the preK-12 Music Education Program must satisfy all College of Public Affairs and Education academic requirements to qualify for education course work at the 300 level and above.

Advising: Admission and program guidelines may be secured from the School of Music Student Recruiter, Kate Bill, Music and Communications Building 332, 216-687-5039. Continuing academic, personal, and professional advising is available from the Coordinator of Music Education in cooperation with the Education Student Services Center, Julka Hall 170, 216-687-4625.

Evening Program: No evening program is offered as students must be available for field placements in area schools during the day; however, those classes that do not require fieldwork may be offered in the evenings.

Department Office: School of Music - Music and Communications Building 334, 216-687-2033. Teacher Education - Julka Hall 302A, 216-687-4600.


Minimum hours required for B.-Mus. Music Education: 103

The Bachelor of Music in Music Education program is designed to prepare students to teach music in K-12 public schools and leads to eligibility for teacher licensure in the State of Ohio.  The program has been accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

Entrance requirements: Prospective students who wish to major in music education must apply for admission to the University and apply separately for admission to the School of Music.  A successful performance audition on a primary instrument and a successful interview with the Coordinator of Music Education is required for admission to music education major status.


All music education students are candidates for teacher licensure and, as such, are expected to maintain a portfolio while completing their professional coursework and field experience using TaskStream. For more information, students are advised to access the College of Public Affairs and Education section of this catalog as well as the Student Portfolio Handbook, available at: https://levin.csuohio.edu/taskstream/electronic-portfolio

Music Education Competency Exams

Each year, students majoring in music education must meet specific criteria to be eligible to continue to the next phase of their program. These criteria are evaluated during Music Education Competency Exams (MEC). Failure to meet competencies may result in delayed completion of the degree or dismissal from the major. For complete information on MEC exams, students are advised to access the School of Music Handbook available at https://artsandsciences.csuohio.edu/music/forms-and-documents


All music education students are urged to consult the School of Music Undergraduate Handbook online for further clarification of the degree requirements listed below. The handbook contains full details and explanations of school and degree requirements.

Required Coursework

General Course Requirements of the University and College of Arts and Sciences, which are listed separately in this catalog.

Core Music Coursework

Core Music Coursework includes performance experience in applied music and in ensembles, basic musicianship skills, and knowledge of musical structures and styles in broad historical and cultural contexts.