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Undergraduate Catalog 2013 - 2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013 - 2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Operations and Supply Chain Management Major , B.B.A.


Admission to major:

Completion of all College of Business Administration lower-division requirements


30-32 credit hours of OSM beyond the College Core requirements


16 credit hours


A student may be a general OSM major or optionally may specialize in one or more of the following areas: supply chain management, global operations management, business analytics, and project management.


Operations and Supply Chain Management majors are advised by the department chair and academic advisors in the College of Business Undergraduate Advising Center (BU 219).

Student organization:

Student Chapter, APICS (Institute for Operations Management)

Additional information:

Cooperative education and internship programs with local businesses, and international travel opportunities are available.

Today, without doubt, the crucial need for businesses, competing in the global marketplace to be successful and sustainable, requires competence and expertise in the areas of operations and supply chain management. The operations and supply chain management responsibilities include sourcing, procurement, distribution and transportation, process scheduling and improvement, both within and across companies. The field is rapidly growing with improvement in technology, leading to an expansion in new career opportunities. The goal of the B.B.A major in Operations and Supply Chain Management is to provide students the background needed to become business leaders who will be equipped to solve complex supply chain challenges.

Both the Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) and the Columbus State Community College students who recevive the degree of Associate of Applied Business with a concentration in Supply Chain Management (or a related field such as Purchasing or Logistics) will be able to waive 8 credit hours of OSM elective courses.  For more information, please contact the College Advising Office at 216-687-3729 or the department chair at 216-687-4741.  Military veterans who served with logistics training and experience will be able to waive some of the electives required.

Major-Field Requirements

For students who are -admitted to CSU after Fall 2009, the requirement for a major in Operations and Supply Chain Management is to complete 30-32 credit hours of OSM Major Electives in the College of Business Administration (CBA) beyond the College Core requirements.Students are encouraged to check with the department chair when choosing elective courses.

Students admitted to CSU prior to Fall 2009 must take 20 credit hours of OSM courses beyond the College Core requirements. These courses are designated as OSM major electives.

The OSM program is designed to provide a strong foundation in all aspects of operations management and supply chain management as well as exposure to the analytical tools used in the field. However, for students who want to focus on a specialization, we provide four possible tracks to choose from.  


* All B.B.A. core courses listed above must be completed prior to taking MLR 465 , the capstone course in the BBA curriculum.

(w) Counts as a writing course for university graduation requirements. Three writing courses are required.