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Undergraduate Catalog 2013 - 2014 
Undergraduate Catalog 2013 - 2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Women’s Studies, B.A.


Admission to the major: Requires good academic standing in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

Minimum hours required for the major: 38 distributed in three fields

Minimum hours required for the minor: 16 distributed in three fields

Awards: WEAL Scholarship

Advising: Director of Women’s Studies, Individual faculty adviser, CLASS Advising , CB 279.

For Information: Contact the Women’s Studies Program. Phone: 216-687-4675

For the first time in history, individuals must be prepared to pursue sequential careers. To thrive in the 21st century students need academic credentials, transferable skills, critical & analytical thinking abilities, and the ability to comprehend information from a global perspective. A degree in Women’s Studies prepares women and men for the sequence of careers that will be the hallmark of personal success in the 21st century. Women’s Studies provides academic credentials and transferrable skills that will serve students for a lifetime.

Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary field offering academic preparation in liberal arts and social sciences. Students earn a B.A. having majored, double-majored or minored in WST. Transferable skills enable students to enter the workforce immediately, or to pursue graduate studies in dozens of disciplines.

Transferable Skills: WST students learn the critical writing, speaking & research skills of many academic disciplines. Students identify, find & interpret information from fields as diverse as philosophy, sociology, psychology, religion & anthropology.

Critical & Analytical Thinking: WST teaches students to discover and communicate new knowledge about women. WST students reinterpret existing knowledge about women’s abilities, values and interests. WST students develop balanced interpretations of gender differences & similarities as they arise outside academia. Students learn to evaluate information presented about women in science, literature, art, marketing, politics & other fields. In the WST Practicum students integrate learning with workplace and/or volunteer experience.

Global Perspectives: WST students understand how gender roles shaped human societies. Because gender differences transcend race, religion, nationality & species, WST students recognize gender issues arising in international trade, migration, law & the environment.



A minimum total number of 128 credit hours are required for every student in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. All degree seeking, CLASS students must complete a specific number of General Education (GenEd) requirements which are comprised of University and College requirements.  This is in addition to the credits for their major field of study. Students are responsible for ensuring the appropriate selection of courses to satisfy GenEd requirements. Students are highly encouraged to consult with both their general education advisor and faculty advisor regarding the applicability of selected courses each semester. A comprehensive description of Cleveland State University’s General Education Requirements for undergraduate students is available online at http://www.csuohio.edu/academic/gened/summarytable.html.

Major-Field Requirements

To earn a Women’s Studies major, students must take a minimum of 38 semester hours in Women’s Studies courses. Courses are to be distributed over three departments with at least 6 credits in the humanities and 6 credits in the social sciences. Independent study (WST 496 ) may be included as part of the major. A grade of C or better must be earned in courses used to fulfill requirements for the major. Students are encouraged to use this framework to develop a more specialized Women’s Studies curriculum based upon their particular career interests.

Additional Women’s Studies Courses

In addition to courses listed below,certain special-topics courses may apply to the major if approved by the Women’s Studies Faculty Curriculum Committee. See individual departmental listing for course descriptions and prerequisites.

Women’s Studies Courses From The Humanities