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Undergraduate Catalog 2020 - 2021 
Undergraduate Catalog 2020 - 2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Electronics Engineering Technology, B.S.E.E.T


The Mechanical and Electronics Engineering Technology programs are applied learning experiences in which students design and build robots, build and test circuits, use programmable logic controllers and apply applications for motion controls, feedback controls, micro-digital systems design and embedded microprocessor systems.

What careers can this major prepare you for?

Graduates work in careers such as: Distribution planning, Quality Control, Circuit Design, Electronic Design Technology, Electronic Production Support, Systems Tester, Medical Lab Equipment repair, Optics Technology, Sonar Technician.

What skills are developed within this major?

Students learn apply principles of mathematics, science, and engineering in a variety of contexts.  They hone their ability to use the techniques, skills, and tools necessary for science and engineering practice as well as design and conduct experiments.  They learn to analyze and interpret data.

2+2 Program

Students who complete the coursework equivalent to an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from an accredited college, university or technical institute may be waived from Year 1 and Year 2 requirements, depending on courses completed in the Associates degree.

Hours Required for Degree

Minimum hours required for degree: 120 (may include approximately 50 semester credit hours which may be transferred from the Associate of Applied Science degree and applied to certain major-field requirements - see 2+2 Program below)

Major-Field Requirements

Grade restriction: Electronics Engineering Technology students are limited to a total of two D grades in their major courses.

Electronics Engineering Technology Elective Requirements (5 courses)

  • Technical Electives (3 courses, 6 credits)
  • Business Elective (1 course, 3 credits)
  • Communications Elective (1 course, 3 credits)